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Intelligent chasing tools available in Fluidly Lite
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Fluidly goes freemium to ride cashflow wave


Intelligent cashflow app Fluidly has introduced a “freemium” edition of its cloud-based forecasting and chasing system.

26th Nov 2019
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Using machine learning, Fluidly Lite automatically generates a 90-day cash forecast using data it extracts from Xero or QuickBooks. The forecast is backed with suggestions for action and “intelligent chasing functionality” to get invoices paid for you, explained Fluidly founder and CEO Caroline Plumb.

As well as scheduling recurring reminders, Fluidly’s chasing tools use AI to target the thorniest debtors. “If you’ve got direct debit customers who always pay, they don’t need reminders. A client who is reliably late is probably OK, but how are the most risky debtors – the ones who have unusual payment behaviour that you need to chase this week –  to get cash into the bank?” she said.

“There’s a load of baseline functionality in the app along with customer support and a weekly digest email. We recognise that every business has a right to control and certainty over money. If we can provide them with a baseline view of their financial future for free, we’re happy.”

The freemium edition is intended primarily for business owners, with the more sophisticated capabilities available for those who pay – including practitioners who use Fluidly as part of their cash management and advisory services.

The Fluidly Pro version includes:

  • Intelligent chasing functionality
  • Scenario goals and planner to assess the implications of different scenarios, not just a single cashflow forecast
  • 12-month forecasting horizon
  • Other customer health measures and other features, plus additional support, training and tutorials.

Accountants are a fundamental part of Fluidly’s strategy. Backed with its £5m banking competition remedies grant, the company is building a membership model where it will offer support on how to build, sell and price advisory services for clients around cashflow. Fluidly support will include CPD training and certification, marketing support and a library of content to inform their efforts.

Cashflow planning is very much the buzz for autumn 2019. Alongside Fluidly’s freemium offering, Xero and QuickBooks have both announced plans for products in this area, while Futrli recently introduced a new platform with a cash-focused action feed.

Surprisingly, Plumb was relaxed about other competitors moving into her territory. “It’s great to see others are thinking about the intelligent cashflow category. I think we are the business that has really thought most about how we move from systems of record to systems of results,” she said.

“Reports are very theoretical, backward-looking summaries of what’s happening. Cashflow intelligence is not just about forecasting. It’s an active layer, where actions are built into the product. If you know a VAT bill is coming in, you need insights and perhaps finance to meet it. Intelligent cashflow is about bringing all that together in one compelling offer.”

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