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Help accounting software developers up their game


AccountingWEB has launched a new user survey to uncover what accounting software users are looking for in the products they use.

30th Mar 2021
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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Building on the community’s 20-year track record of user surveys, the latest research aims to better match AccountingWEB’s demographic profile so that we can identify clearly areas where software suppliers can up their game.

Many members have already contributed to our initial pilot study, which confirmed the pre-eminent role accountants play in shaping clients’ software decisions, but revealed some gaps in the vendors’ understanding of practitioners’ attitudes and needs.

With your help, we can plug that knowledge gap by collecting more data on product use and accountant behaviour in the 2021 AccountingWEB software survey. This is an ongoing research programme that will provide quarterly reports on new trends.

We are also planning to recruit a representative panel of AccountingWEB members to feed back on the findings and take part in quarterly briefings. As well as helping software developers to up their game, the software survey programme will continue to shape our market-leading technology coverage.

Please note that the new software survey will no longer form the basis of our annual software awards, but will run alongside them to provide a more objective measure of software usage within the profession. Keep your eyes peeled for further news on this year’s Accounting Excellence Awards programme.

Take part in the software survey now.

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By stepurhan
31st Mar 2021 08:47

You should mention that there is a draw to win £100 Amazon vouchers. This means anyone filling out the survey has at least a chance of getting a return from doing so.

Even with that, this is still a case of accountants being asked to provide free information to the companies that make them pay through the nose for software. Please help us be able to justify charging you more is not a good look.

As an aside, in what way is being able to "receive a synopsis of the key findings of the study, which may be valuable when you are considering which software to adopt." considered a benefit? At best, it may show me other people have considered a feature that I had not thought of. At worst, it will tell me software companies are being asked to include features I consider a waste of time, but I will end up paying for if taken up. Neither will help me choose software, because that will still depend on what actual features software companies implement.

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