HMRC moves to calm RTI pilot penalty fears

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Robert Lovell
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HMRC has provided some clarification over RTI pilot penalties and late returns after a number of AccountingWEB members set alarm bells ringing last week.

Member Kazmc raised the issue after learning from Sage that there will be penalties for late filing, despite being told there would be no penalties in the pilot other than if the 19 May deadline for year-end returns was missed.

After discovering that under RTI the deadline for submitting year-end returns was 19 April rather than 19 May under the old system, Kazmc assumed that as there would be no penalties for the first year of RTI, FPSs could be submitted late. But when they tried to subit month 12 FPSs and the end of year declarations, they had missed the 19 April deadline.

Sage advised Kazmc that...

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By Kazmc
30th Apr 2013 14:32

Have HMRC Finally Relented?

I have literally just put the phone down to HMRC and I have successfully managed to alter the migration date from 06.11.12 to 06.04.13 for 2 companies who have had an EAS submitted (but no FPS's or EPS's).

The technician I spoke with on the phone originally said I would not be able to change the migration date as an EAS had been submitted but said when he looked at the clients records it showed that no EAS had been done, even though we have a successful correlation ID to prove one was sent.

This happened with 2 client payrolls who had definitely had EAS's submitted so he came to the conclusion that HMRC must have changed their systems to allow employers to leave the pilot if an EAS had been submitted but had just not told the staff on the helpdesk!!

We are now currently compiling our list of clients to remove from the pilot which unfortunately will have to be called through in batches of 5 as that is the maximum the technicians are allowed to deal with during each phone call !

So a massive bulk of pilot payrolls are now needing to be removed from the pilot, what an absolute waste of time..........


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By Kazmc
01st May 2013 09:42

Have just..

Just to confirm have just had a phone call from HMRC this morning confirming that, yes, pilot employers who have only submitted an EAS during 12-13 are now allowed to alter their migration to 06.04.13 and thereby removing themselves from the pilot.

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01st May 2013 12:09

Further clarification from HMRC

AccountingWEB receieved the following message from HMRC:

"If an employer had a start date during 2012-13 and paid employees they should have

• Submitted an FPS for 12-13 by 5th April (but we could accept the FPS up to 19th April) • If no payments made for 12-13 or in month 12 of 12-13, they should have submitted a nil EPS by 19th April  If they missed those deadlines and they paid employees in 2012-13, but did not report those earning to HMRC, the following guidelines should be followed if this is not an annual scheme. The employer should:• Submit an FPS for 2013-14 before they submit the EYU for 12-13 • Report earnings for 2012-13 on an EYU"

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By Kazmc
01st May 2013 12:22

Past the Point of Caring..........

I have, I think, reached the point of not caring anymore!

After being able to move the migration date to 06.04.13 for 3 pilot payrolls yesterday (calling the Employer Helpline) for whom an EAS had been submitted and subsequently this morning receiving a call from HMRC confirming this is now allowed and receiving a call from SAGE saying this is now fine..........

Just called to move the date for another client and after 30 minutes of being on the phone and speaking with 3 different technicians they wont change the migration date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I GIVE UP - What the hell are HMRC playing at, we have 2 weeks left to remove over 100 clients from the payroll (remembering you need to leave 48 hours between removing them and submitting returns) and submit old style P35s. This is on top of trying to do another 150+ old style yearends which were not in the pilot.

I am now waiting for a call from HMRC......... how ever long that will take..........



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