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IRIS reveals Accountancy Suite Spring 2021 release


IRIS has unveiled new features in its spring suite release alongside the usual legislative updates that come with a new tax year.

30th Jun 2021
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IRIS unveiled its Accountancy Suite Spring 2021 release this week, showcasing various updates to streamline business tax processes. Simplifying tax reports for Covid support loans and grants and making client billing quicker and easier are also part of the update.

The new suite incorporates more ingredients from the IRIS Elements software integration project, along with legislative updates for the new tax year. Additional report templates to accompany claims for Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) grants and the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) are also included, alongside various time-saving features.

“Our new updates have been designed with accountants, for accountants. In-built automation and streamlining create productivity, efficiency and speed gains for every type of accountant,” commented IRIS head of portfolio Jonathan Priestley. 

“All IRIS updates are built and delivered to address changing legislative requirements, market and customers’ needs,” added IRIS product director for accountancy Paul Onions. 

“We collaborate with hundreds of accountants to design and deliver all of our solutions and services to ensure they enhance the way accountancy practices run and provide the tools accountants need to face the future, today.”

The individual software modules include the following enhancements:

IRIS Business Tax

A new supplementary CT600(L) page has been added to the IRIS Business Tax to support Research and Development (R&D) tax credit claims. Simplified processes will help reduce the amount of incorrectly submitted claims, the company said. 

R&D claims now require over 40 fields to be completed on the CT600(L) form. The new fields in the form CT600(L) have been mapped within IRIS Business Tax to streamline the process of completing the form.

The capital allowance module, meanwhile, now allows customers to identify an asset as a ‘Zero emission Car’. IRIS automatically selects the corresponding allowance where the asset is added as a motor vehicle with zero co2 emissions. This will be reflected on the computation and mapped to the new fields on the CT600.

Other enhancements 

CJRS and SEISS claim reports

The spring update includes an expanded report menu with templates to output tax information to support both Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) claims. IRIS tax products now cater for all the different types of support schemes required to be reported on the self-assessment tax return. It also now has the functionality to report incorrectly claimed grants. Incorrectly claimed support schemes can be logged and completed manually. Where possible, IRIS will transfer the data through to the corresponding products to reduce the need for re-entering data and creating multiple records of the same data.

Time and Fees

Users can now apply timesheet postings to their IRIS time ledger in the Time and Fees module, while the user is still in their timesheet. Accountants can now also bill time postings made the same day, to invoice clients promptly and accurately for the work done when performing day-to-day billing activities.

The warning message, ‘Apply Current Instructions to the Ledger’ will now only appear for users who have the necessary permissions to update the time ledger. Users can now schedule a Time and Fees repair to take place, but will require assistance from the IRIS Support team to set up.

Central processes for IRIS Time and Fees (such as updating the Time ledger, closing a Time or Fees period etc.) will now run one at a time. Improvements have been made to the warning messages within IRIS Time and Fees to give a clear indication of the cause of the issue and the necessary actions that need to take place to resolve the issue.


With the new release of IRIS AML, the developer consolidated the Export Documents and Export ID Check XML under the Export Data to CSV option. This will allow users to export all required data from one screen.

IRIS Accounts Production

  • Revised Financial Statements (amended accounts)

  • Incorporated Charity, Unincorporated Charity and Academy Accounts – ISA Audit report update – conclusions relating to Going Concern

  • FRS 102/FRS 101 Reduced Disclosure Exemption update

  • FRS 105 Additional Flexible Disclosure

  • Charity Revaluations

  • Pension Scheme Accounts – Implementation Statements

Company Secretarial/ Company Formations

  • Company / LLP - Same as Name Check update

  • Company Formations – Companies House Schema update

IRIS Personal Tax

  • New Feature: Introducing IRIS SmartTax (Beta)

Tax Legislation and annual updates

  • Updated Dividends databases 

  • Updates to SA100, SA800, SA900, R40 and CT600 forms 

  • Updates to e-checklists for 2020/21

  • All the updated reports, calculations and rates for the 2020/21 tax year  

  • Updates to Capital Allowances 

Full details of the Spring Suite updates are available on the IRIS website. All updates are included within the IRIS subscription fee.


Replies (4)

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By Paul Crowley
30th Jun 2021 20:51

This is without the 'look how clever we are' spin
Fixed some of the errors that IRIS created in prior update
Worked before, created the errors, fixed some of them, wait out cos we cannot fix all our errors in one go.
If only IRIS had a system of checking things worked after they 'improve'
Happy to help them test if only they could be bothered to ask me, an accountant, what I wanted.

Thanks (1)
By Paul Crowley
30th Jun 2021 21:02

IRIS Personal Tax
New Feature: Introducing IRIS SmartTax (Beta)

Not interested
fixed a problem that was not there until last update.
My performance data APRIL to MAY irreparable

If you stopped improving perhaps you would stop making errors on the really basic stuff that worked and has worked correctly for 20 years.
you could not even figure out a workaround, the usual 'solution' to making the regular cocks-up
We usually update once a year only because the errors happen just so often

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By May bee
01st Jul 2021 11:17

You beat me to and wrote the exact comment I would have done. The quality of new releases is poor. They focus on the sexy headline grabbing elements most of the time, over egg the core amends they’ve made and then neglect to check functionality or add basic features we could do with.

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
01st Jul 2021 15:44

In fairness to Iris they are making some significant changes, notably moving processing to the cloud with Iris Elements, but given the history of bolting together packages it seems unlikely that they will be able to completely move to the cloud as their database/product is too much of a complete muddle.

Normally I would prefer an "on premises" solution, but when the current integrated product is such an untidy cobbled together mess it is necessary to either re-write from scratch or move into the cloud, so hopefully one or the other happens sooner rather than later.

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