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Eriona Bajrakurtaj, Majors Accounts

My Tech Stack: Eriona Bajrakurtaj, Major’s Accounts


The managing director of Major’s Accounts explains how the firm supports all its clients on a tech stack based around QuickBooks Online and Dext.

25th Jan 2023
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How would you describe your firm and client base?

We’re a small practice, but tech heavy. We’re completely digital and don’t accept paper, with a view to strengthening our relationship with clients so we can get information in real time. 

What is your attitude to accounting tech?

I love it. I think this is our biggest opportunity and probably one of the most interesting times to be in accountancy. In the past, we were restricted by the tools we used and worked with them to meet our deadline. Nowadays we have so many opportunities to do so many things, it makes accountancy a lot more interesting.

Can you describe the different components in your app stack and how they link together?

If a client joins us, they join with QuickBooks Online. We made that decision when we first went digital. We don’t have time within our team to adjust our internal processes to different systems and retrain every year.

My Tech Stack: Eriona Bajrakurtaj, Majors Accounts

What’s your favourite work app?

It has to be Microsoft Teams, which allows me to be in contact with the team from anywhere. I could be at a shop, running errands, at home or in the office, but I have that contact with each member of my team and can get things done instantly. It allows me to do what I need to do when I want. It makes life so much easier.

Are there any gaps in your stack that you’re looking to fill next?

What’s missing at the moment is a practice management tool. We’re implementing Onkho to give a bird’s eye view of the practice and develop efficiencies. Because everyone works all around the world, it’s not so easy to work out what’s going wrong. Onkho might not give everything we need, but it seems to be the best fit. It’s done more than any other tool out there for our business.

What’s been the biggest challenge in building your accounting tech stack?

Trying to limit how many apps we take and making sure we only use the ones we really need. How much difference does it make? Right now if I look at our current tech stack, I’ll still ask if we really need all of them. We scrutinise them very carefully and stick with really strong apps that give us the most benefit. You can get very tech-happy and take them all on, but realistically you don’t need to at that time. Maybe later. Figure out the process you need initially and figure out the rest later. Don’t try to reach for everything.

What advice would you pass on to other accountants who want to follow your example?

The process of how you add new tech to your practice might be different to how I do it, so it’s good to ask other practices about their approach. We left practice management to the end, when actually that should have been there from the start.

It’s about how you start that journey. I took on the apps one at a time, but in retrospect, it would have been better to plan what I needed from the start. If you put in practice management first, then bookkeeping and then other apps like Dext, you can grow comfortably from a strong foundation. I’m working with a friend who’s starting a practice. They’re not doing everything in one go to avoid getting overwhelmed.

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