No Accounting for Taste ep34: QuickBooks Connect London special

5th Mar 2019
Practice Editor AccountingWEB
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No accounting for taste

In this special bonus edition of the No Accounting for Taste podcast, the AccountingWEB editorial team and a stellar line-up of accountants go beyond the QuickBooks Connect headlines and analyse the key themes from the event. 

Unlike last year’s arctic blast, this year QuickBooks Connect attendees basked in the Capital’s unusually warm February weather. But did the international software giant enjoy an equally warm reception when it unveiled new Making Tax Digital for VAT features this year’s digital shindig?

As the beer cans cracked open to signify the end of another QuickBooks Connect, the AccountingWEB team gathered an all-star cast of accountants.

Joining AccountingWEB's Richard Hattersley and John Stokdyk to ruminate over the event are Emma Chesson, head of online at Kreston Reeves, Fiona Frasier from Frasier +,  Peter Jarman, the managing partner of PJCO,ver the eventH d at Kreston ,trong>, the managing partnet did t-__link">Quvertal for VA partner o the managing partnet did t-__link signif__linkavjlf">Ma feey">lhe Fiona Frasier from Frasier +,  PeteBC3d t-__link sigess/ppatle="Sponsored by AccountingWEB S"ed by AccountingWEtllink signif__a"xSvn/ppa 7ed bss="be3vn/pst"> Toad

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