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Pegasus Opera 3: The next generation

18th Nov 2010
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Mid-range business software developer Pegasus has remodelled its flagship Opera suite and released it under a new model number.

Pegasus Opera 3 has been given a new Windows 7-inspired user interface and will be rolled out with a variety of delivery options, including a pay-as-you-use rental option in the new year.

Pegasus operations director Stuart Anderson said the goal of the new design was to improve Opera’s look and feel, change its functionality and add value to the overall proposition. “We needed to streamline the pricing to make it less complex. From our point of view, that gives customers more choice about how to purchase it.”

Like its predecessors, Opera 3 remains an integrated business software suite, but customers can opt to take on individual modules as they see fit. With the rental option due in January, Pegasus is dipping a toe into the software as a service arena. “It’ll be up to our partners to decide how to build that application,” Anderson said. “Lots of them are already delivering virtual desktops, so we can be part of that. With the rental option, and partners can decided whether to build Opera 3 as a traditional on-premise application or as part of their own platform /software as a service.”

In terms of functionality, new features in Opera 3 include:

  • Open period accounting, which will let the users have open, closed or blocked so they can go backwards and forwards within the ledgers for posting.
  • Error correction facilities to rectify mistakes in journal postings
  • Modeless reporting, which allows users to open multiple reports on screen at the same time. Report data can also now be downloaded directly into Excel.
  • Online VAT filing

The core product comes with a System Foundation platform, which includes systems management, scheduling, software toolkit, data import and Pegasus Instant Messanger (PIM) modules. Anyone buying the Financials module will get this collection of tools as well as the sales, purchase, nominal and cashbook modules, plus a single-user copy of the XRL spreadsheet analysis program.

Anderson said that Opera 3 is being released in three phases. Following this month’s phase 1 launch, the next roll-out in April will add functional enhancements around CRM, service and helpdesk activities. Phase 3, due for release in September 2011, will include a landed costs module, more error correction facilities and “beefed up” credit management functions in response to user and partner requests.

He added that during the past year, Pegasus has been performing well, with 20% of its revenue coming from new licence sales. “Our first quarter of the new financial year has gone up too. Since the release of Opera 3, we’re seeing orders coming through for new licences already,” he added.

“There’s a lot of competition out there, but our partner channel is our USP. At our level of the market, you need that channel back up and ability to modify the product to customer requirements.”

Mid-market businesses have so far shown some reluctance to move their software to the Cloud, but Pegasus acknowledges the need to move with technology trends. “Having control of the data on premise and knowing where is is still an issue for our level of business. But as the cloud becomes more prevalent, people will start looking at that as an option for cashflow, shorter delivery timescales and all those sorts of things. Offering this route eases people into the Cloud scenario.”

For purists, the Opera 3 software as a service option will be a hosted Windows application, but Anderson pointed out how virtual servers and desktops made it possible to deliver traditional products over the Net in ways people wouldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago. By way of illustration, he added, “At the launch event with partners we demoed Opera 3 running on an iPad. It shows that traditional prods can work in that environment.”


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By Stephen_Barnes79
26th Feb 2013 14:09

Report designer

i will shortly be overhauling our design templates and processes in Opera and dont have the time free to be able to redesign the reports I am using.  Are there any designers out there that would be able to undertake this for me without requiring taking out a service contract.




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