QuickBooks partners with TaxAssist

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Intuit QuickBooks has formed a strategic partnership with accountancy franchise TaxAssist to be the only recommended online accounting software for the company's 59,000 clients.

TaxAssist already endorsed QuickBooks Online in more than 100 practices, but this new deal extends to their national network of just over 270 offices. TaxAssist’s Sarah Robertson says the partnership evolved from their need to become digital and offer higher value services.

The QuickBooks partnership with TaxAssist developed over the course of two years. “A few of their offices started to use Quickbooks and were having a really great experience using it, and the feedback from the small business clients was very positive,” explained Intuit’s head of business development Nick Williams.

From here, around 40% of the TaxAssist network was talking with QuickBooks, wanting to learn more about the software. The network’s enthusiasm towards the software was supported in a vote which massively favoured picking one cloud provider, and that was QuickBooks Online.

For TaxAssist, the partnership demonstrates that they are technology ready and technology aware since they are on a huge push to get their whole network digitally ready to support HMRC’s digital tax accounts plans.

TaxAssists franchisees have already seen efficiency gains through using the software, and their small business and self-employed clients have embraced the mobile and tablet functionality which suits their roving office, explained Williams.

Moves away from the reactive conversation

TaxAssist partners have been particularly impressed by Quickbook’s reporting capabilities, Williams noted. “(Financial reporting) moves the accountant away from the reactive conversation with their client, which is’ ‘we’ve done your books and this is what we see’ to a proactive value added discussion across the network,” Williams said. “This leads to greater client loyalty, greater client interest and then referrals.”

Commenting on Intuit Quickbooks upcoming developments, Williams said: “We have more partnerships that are ready to surface. We feel we’re in a great position.

“We’re massively proud of the TaxAssist strategic partnership, but there is a groundswell of interest from small businesses, accountants and large firms talking with us.”

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03rd Mar 2016 09:23

excellent news

One more way to differentiate with our 'leading' franchise company if they are going to push one type of software regardless of the suitability to each client. 


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03rd Mar 2016 09:41

It would be interesting to know the reasons for the individual TaxAssist offices voting massively in favour of QBO as opposed to other cloud software.

Have to agree that I'm not a fan of exclusive agreements regardless of the suitability for clients, it's the reason that I'd use an IFA rather than an FA. However I guess we all have our favourites for one reason or another, often just a subjective choice.

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