RTI goes viral in latest video craze

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Rachael Power
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We’ve had webinars, Twitter Q&As and how-to videos galore, but some people are going that little bit farther to put their RTI messages across.

Rap, blasts-from-the-past and Harlem Shakes are just some of the tactics used by different organisations to promote the PAYE change. Hey, who says payroll has to be boring?

Sage has bought into the viral internet meme, the Harlem Shake, with a video based on the YouTube song sensation to proclaim its RTI readiness.

In response to the original 30-second sketch, all manner of people have donned various outfits to dance crazily to the song. In Sage’s case, dancers at the company's Newcastle HQ hold up placards with the words ‘We’re RTI ready, are you?’

The clip has had more than 10,000 views since it was uploaded last week, to bring some excitement into SEO and inbound marketing specialist Paul Lancaster's life.

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14th Mar 2013 22:04

RTI Ready @ Sage

Thanks for sharing our video Rachael. It was great fun to do the 'Sage Harlem Shake (RTI Edition)', the Intuit Rap is pretty cool & the old Pathe News clip is a hoot too! :-)

Paul (Lancaster)

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15th Mar 2013 17:37

I liked with the Sage one, that you had one professional dancer, and then the rest having fun and joining in - sort of symbolising the role of Sage or the professional to really understand the moves and then the rest to go along with it  collectively. The dancing in shopping centres has been done before but it is a bright, light place to film so prevents it looking amateurish. Location shoots can make or break.

Intuit was good as the content let people know what was going to happen, simple outline so brought information to anyone that clicked.
Took my car to a garage this week for its MOT and while waiting found out that the garage owner and boss knew absolutely nothing about RTI. I will be going back with some print-off. He got me a good price on tyres and was very helpful before I found that out, so happy to help him.

Skilltrex had a likeable character, but beyond 20 seconds, the rest seemed unnecessary. Could have been edited right down and didn't have info about the product or benefits, what was that advertising? Watching someone make a cup of tea and slow mo of stapling is, well, as interesting as watching paint dry really.


Fourth one, great song, likeable participants. Most likely to go viral surely?
Great to watch, not overly gimmicky and changes in presentation to stop it getting too boring, perhaps this christmas the dance will be executed at office parties.


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15th Mar 2013 17:43

Just realised that wasn't a shopping centre, but Sage HQ.
And the Skillrex is a just for fun thing?
I'll give  myself a slap.

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