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Sage Accounting makes payment and mobile tweaks


The latest release of Sage Accounting is less of an annual overhaul than a collection of tweaks designed to make everyday tasks a little easier.

28th Oct 2020
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The Sage Accounting update rolled out earlier this month includes:

  • New payment and banking features
  • Design enhancements including the ability to add logos to accounting documents and headers on multi-page reports and invoices.
  • Mobile and banking improvements to handle job quoting, invoicing and cash allocation

Payments and bank transfers

With integration now available to online payment services such as Stripe, Sage Accounting invoices now include a payment button that customers can click to pay immediately.

Users will now also be able to complete bank transfers within the app’s banking menu.

Mobile app improvements

The Sage Accounting app is expanding the functionality available on smartphones to let users create and send invoices, capture expenses and view up-to-date figures on a mobile business dashboard.

Customer records have been added to the app, allowing users to customise quotes and estimates, or convert them to invoices. These documents can be adjusted within the app, for example, to include a discount on items within a quote, or to send it to a client at a different email address to the one in the contact database.

The app will also let you update stock levels as products are committed to a particular invoice.

Like other cloud app developers, Sage is continuously updating its accounting engine in response to customer needs. The company said it is currently considering 282 ideas for enhancements but is open to more suggestions.

Sage product marketing director for accountants and bookkeepers, Chris Downing, told AccountingWEB: “Covid-19 highlighted that if you don’t have a rainy day cash war chest, you are likely to struggle to survive. Money keeps going out but money isn’t always coming in, so the back of an envelope planning no longer cuts it.

“Having your finger on the financial pulse, understanding your cash outgoings and true visibility of all liabilities has never been so critical. A tool like Sage Accounting gives an accountant a quick snapshot that allows them to empower their clients with real-time information so they can weather the storm, or the pandemic, as it may be.

“The in-app cashflow forecasting tool can help accountants give clients a better understanding of where their cashflow is falling and apply some simple what-if payment and receipt scenarios. This drives deeper, more meaningful conversations around cash so they can chase debts in a more structured way.”

For more insights on how technology can help businesses and their accountants deal with changing market conditions, view the AccountingWEB Live Trading out of trouble online chat with Sage’s Chris Downing and Michael Office.


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