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Sage poaches former Xero sales director

22nd Oct 2014
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Former Xero sales director Nick Longden is to join Sage One to lead its expansion in the UK and Ireland. 

Longden, who spent over two years heading up the UK sales operation at Xero, takes up his new role as general manager of Sage One next month.

He has also previously worked at CCH, where he spent almost a year-and-a-half as a major account manager, and a further eight years as a sales director.

Longen trained as an accountant with PKF from 1990 - 1993. He has also spent time working at accounting software firm Pegasus. 

Speaking of his new role, he said now was a "great time" to join Sage.

“The market is changing, and helping people in business to understand what a difference cloud technology can make to their working lives is a passion of mine, so Sage’s strong footprint in online software is something that I’m really excited about.

"I thought I knew Sage, I was wrong," he added. 

According to the latest Sage One figures reported in March 2014, paid-for subscriptions for Sage One had almost trebled to 33,000 within 12 months.

Whereas, Xero's UK customer base has doubled for more than six years in a row, standing at 61,000 in the UK, its mid-year results said.


Replies (6)

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By Myshkin
23rd Oct 2014 12:34

Sales Director?

It's not their sales director they need but their software writers.  Sageone is Mickey Mouse compared to Xero.

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By Cantona1
23rd Oct 2014 12:34

Could not have said better!

Myshkin wrote:

It's not their sales director they need but their software writers.



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By lordlancaster
23rd Oct 2014 12:29

Sign of the times...

Nick joining us (Sage) is a recognition of how fast Sage One is now growing & where it is heading.

You can read a more in-depth interview with him, his background, his reasons for joining and why his past perception of Sage was wrong at:

It's really great to have him on board. Watch this space!

Paul Lancaster
Content & Social Media Specialist
Sage One UK & Ireland

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By DMGbus
23rd Oct 2014 13:50

Sage needs proper software writers

Sage's strength is in it's established name and the consequent lemming factor - many people buy Sage software not because it's operationally better but because it's name is well known.

As a user of many Sage products over the past 30 years time and time again I encounter the issue of poorly written software - written cheaply to save the software writers time (or may be programmers employed who are cheap as they have limited abilities) as opposed to written properly to make for a good user experience.  

Now, having used Xero for a year or so, I see the exact opposite proposition - the software written by Xero seems to be designed to be user-friendly from ground up - what a breath of fresh air!

To conclude I suggest that Sage invest in better software writers rather than in marketing, oh and remember this: a poor product really does need more marketting effort!

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By User deleted
24th Oct 2014 11:55

Net & VAT amount

Despite several new versions, you can't see the net and VAT amount in the customer/supplier "view details" screen...very basic requirement from an accounting software!

Wondering if they sort it out in Sage One...


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By Moonbeam
24th Oct 2014 23:23

Sage Management issues

I feel strongly that until Sage sack all the senior managers who have only ever been interested in turnover rather than customer needs they will continue to be outrun by the new software companies. Funnily enough Sage regularly ask for my opinion. They never pay any attention to it, however.

Sage Line 50, which is the only decent software they've ever written, looks very old fashioned, despite having a visual makeover. With more and more unsophisticated people setting up in business, the software must make it easy for them, and for their accountant. 

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