The promise of unified communications

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For more than half a century, the portable, two-way transmitter has a stable of science fiction. Cartoon detective Dick Tracy has carried such a device on his wrist since the late 1940s and where would Captains Kirk and Picard be now without their personal digital assistants?

Thanks to astounding technological developments, these implausible dreams have come true. Mobile technologies now available on the high street surpass the imaginings of the 20th century's wildest sci-fi visionaries.

Access to the internet, office systems and email while on the move has become commonplace. Wireless hotspots are now available in planes, trains and upmarket coffee bars. Or more dependable internet access could be yours for the cost of a 3G or broadband modem card that fits into the PCMCIA slot in your...

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By onesys
06th Jan 2010 15:38

Unified Communications Home Working and Snow

Looking out over a snow-covered landscape 60 miles from the office, I fully agree that this type of technology has transformed my working and personal life.

I'm employed by a business software company and we practice what we preach. Early adoption of affordable hardware and software has benefited us greatly. As an added personal and environmental bonus, home working has taken a car off the road that used to do 20,000 miles per year. Many of you could save a small fortune.

All it takes is a small investment (benefits all), a few controls and a little discipline.

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