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Rebranding may be a scary process to embark on, as with all major changes to your firm. But if done right, can win you clients, open your reach from local to national and bring you new services to market.

At least, that’s what it did for Ireland-based firm ProfitPal, whose managing director Denis Breen spoke at Xerocon London recently.

Breen described his firm as static, facing challenges such as a narrow, local client base, no differentiation, stiff competition from bigger firms and the Irish economy.

“A property bust meant the firm was losing clients hand over fist. We became, as accountants, a commodity, so we began to ask ourselves: what’s holding us back?” Breen explained.

Other challenges to business included a direct, unpredictable referrals system, undervalued compliance services and nothing to market but their price.

In 2006, the firm decided it was time for...

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By roar
04th Oct 2013 09:15


 Roar Accounting Ltd rebranded two and a half years ago following, to a large degree, what has been said in the article.  Instead of a dull, boring accountants image we changed to a modern bright image which, we felt, expressed more who we are and what we represent.  Some of the suggestions we are still implementing but it has been the best decision that we have made to date.

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