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Uku launches UK practice management tool

Estonian software developer Artify has launched a version of its Uku online practice management program for the UK market.

1st Nov 2019
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Hailing from the Estonian capital, Tallinn, Artify developed Uku - pronounced 'OO-koo' - to cater for accountants who wanted a web-based program they could use instead of Microsoft Excel.

CEO and head of growth Triin Rast described the platform as “a digital assistant for professional accountants. Instead of just being software, we want Uku to be a character, your personal assistant and digital helper you can rely on in your everyday activities.”

Uku includes automated workflow, client tracking, CRM and integrated billing, and works with existing accounting software systems like Xero, QuickBooks and Sage to add new tasks, track time and keep on top of notifications.

Client monitoring

Estonian accountants were particularly keen to address client ‘scope creep’, where the work carried out for clients could double, yet they expected to pay the same fee as the previous year.

In response, Uku’s software developers created a client monitoring feature that tracks the client’s workload, allowing the accountant to show the client evidence of any workload increases or dips to justify why their fees went up or down.

“This monitoring system is able to show that your practice is transparent and you are a trustworthy partner,” Rast explained. The software records time and task details that “leave you in good standing for starting negotiations”.

Integrated billing

Users can set billing frequency with the integrated billing command. Adjustable parameters (hourly, fixed price, or based on work completed) can be set up for Uku to automatically run the invoices. 

“We discovered in Estonia that accountants often spend five days a month doing bills for 700 clients, which is ridiculous considering the level of accounting knowledge. So we eliminated this.”  Rast claimed that with Uku, accountants need only check the invoices, a 15-30 minute job.

Uku ethos

The Uku mission is to eliminate manual tasks through automation. One Uku user is offering €100 to incentivise clients to collaborate with the firms electronic submission process, as any mistakes can be tracked and marked up much more easily. 

“The biggest win is that accountants are finally able to see how much time has been spent on each client and which tasks take the most time,” said Rast. “Often, the complexity of the tasks are unforeseen.” 

Users can see exactly how much time is spent chasing each client and can start implementing value-based pricing. “We believe hourly pricing per accountant is not right, and instead, accounting work should be like a pricing menu with a list of tasks to order,” explained Rast. 


Uku offers a freemium model; it is free for solo practitioners, but rises to £19 a month for all the features to support small to large accountancy teams. The Pro version costs £39 per month.

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David Bailey-Lauring
By davidbaileylauring
05th Nov 2019 11:56

This is such great news from Uku. We’ve dabbled with other platforms and Excel and finally settled on Uku where I have been using it for a year now. What really has boosted our profitability is the smart digital assistant ‘Uku.’

The smart digital assistant identifies tasks that could be automated so that my practice did not have to set up reminders. It also produced pre-client templates so that all the necessary information needed before accepting a client was obtained upfront, and not over a series of emails that took weeks before we were able to begin.

Highly recommended to trial the software if you are searching for something different

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Replying to davidbaileylauring:
My photo
By Matrix
06th Nov 2019 07:07

But you aren’t an accountancy practice?

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Replying to Matrix:
David Bailey-Lauring
By davidbaileylauring
07th Nov 2019 13:12

No, not our company. Two of our clients use it and always talk about it highly. As they are pleased with, so are we.

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