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Who’s winning the software races?

6th Jun 2018
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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With just days to go, there is still time for software users to rate the products they think deserve accountancy’s most prestigious software awards.

AccountingWEB’s software survey is the largest piece of tech market research conducted among UK businesses and has so far collected nearly 4,000 ratings. As well as helping us to celebrate the developers who do the most to keep their customers satisfied, the data underpins our editorial work throughout the year and will feed directly into a new software reviews service we are launching next month. So we can always use more ratings!

Data and expense management

One of the first categories under our microscope will be data and expense management software. The Accounting Excellence Award for this category is turning into a two-horse race between AutoEntry and Receipt Bank. But the turnout has been quite low and we haven’t heard much from users of other data capture and management software such as Basecone, Concur, datamolino, Expensify, Hubdoc or webexpenses.

If you are familiar with any of these products – or perhaps a great program that hasn’t been mentioned – please help us to help them raise their profile among the wider population of software shoppers by taking part in the software survey.

There is also an intriguing race developing between the “Fs” in the forecasting, planning and analysis category. Float and Fluidly are cash management programs that are attracting ratings in bigger numbers from small businesses than specialist reporting tools used by accountants such as Futrli and Spotlight Reporting. And are there any Adaptive Insights, Fathom, IRIS Insight, or LivePlan users out there? They could all do with a few extra ratings to deepen our forecasting and reporting software guide due next month.

Mid-market and enterprise accounts

The enterprise wing of the profession is also currently being outnumbered by small businesses and their accountants. If you’d like to find out how the different mid-market and enterprise systems compare, we’d like to hear from you. Previously, AccountingWEB has reported on how mid-market and enterprise accountants have been slow to adopt cloud systems. This year we're beginning to see a presence from AccountsIQ users this year, but NetSuite, FinancialForce and Sage Live are still pretty rare among our respondents.

And what about Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Advanced OpenAccounts users - are you still out there? AccountingWEB software reviews and product comparisons for this category will be published later in the summer and the awards will be presented on 20 September in London.

There are 10 separate categories in the Accounting Excellence Awards software survey, and each one takes just a couple of minutes to complete – fill in as many as you like (but just once, please, as we will eliminate multiple votes from the same source). Those who take part can enter into a prize draw to win a helicopter ride over London.

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