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Xero webinar on cloud accounting

14th May 2013
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This morning at 11am, AccountingWEB joined forces with Xero in a live video webinar to answer practitioners’ questions about cloud accounting. Register here to view the session.

AccountingWEB’s community correspondent Rachael Power hosted the event, with:

  • Accountant and Xero user Jon Gaunt, the managing director of FD Works
  • Xero managing director Gary Turner
  • Xero senior account manager Glen Foster

The speakers discussed the basics of cloud accounting and online security, and how the software can create a new medium for working more productively and profitably with clients.

Audience members also put forward a number of questions covering engagement letters, the practicalities of working with clients and convincing them to adopt the technology, and the reporting tools available with Xero.

These queries will be covered in a round-up article available shortly on AccountingWEB.

Replies (2)

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By accountsdragon
15th May 2013 14:48

cloud webinar

I listened to some of the webinar, and put in a couple of answers/comments, but they never showed in the dialogue??

I really must take umbrage with the brush-off comment that it does not make any difference what broadband you have.  Oh yes it does!  I live in a rural area which will not see any super fast broadband in the forseeable future, and I hate using Xero.  It takes forever to do anything.  

Yes, I like the fact that it is so easy to see what clients are doing, but then if I have to work on it, I can't simply switch between windows without opening new tabs, and waiting for each step to process.

Maybe I am not moving with the times, but until we all can access really useful broadband speeds, these programmes are not going to be for everyone.

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By Rachael White
15th May 2013 14:53

Hi accountsdragon, 

Hi accountsdragon, 

We're sorry we didn't have time for your questions or comments - we had so many that it was hard to fit them in in the time allotted! 

However, we're writing an article based on the transcript of the live chat, so any questions we didn't get to we hope to include in that. 

Thanks for tuning in.

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