A pain-free introduction to Microsoft Access

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Because of the way spreadsheets and word processors were developed and marketed as personal productivity tools, they have taken hold of users' desktops. Excel dependence, where spreadsheets are often used for inappropriate tasks is an unwelcome side-effect within the accountancy profession. As part of his crusade to eradicate this technology malaise, Simon Hurst provides a basic introduction to database concepts in this extract from his ProductivITy Kit module on using Microsoft Access.

While databases can be very simple, they are more difficult to start using than spreadsheets. We can all get some sort of result out of a WP package or a spreadsheet without any necessity of understanding all but the simplest of concepts. With a database, before you can make a start, you need to under...

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By gracy
22nd Oct 2011 12:10

detail steps on creation of quries, forms and returns could be given. Good Job

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