Accountant creates interactive Excel game

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Rachael Power
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A Canadian accountant and video games enthusiast has found a novel way of using Excel for something other than number-crunching.

Chartered accountant and MBA candidate at the Shulich school of business in Toronto Cary Walkin has created a basic video game using nothing but Excel sheets.

The game, Arena.XIsm is a fantasy game based on you, the hero represented by a smiley face, fighting various monsters in order to level up and survive.

Equipped with basic weapons such as a sword and bow-and-arrow, the player can pick up weapons and items along the way to help with each arena round.

Arena is based on a series of letters, each of which...

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26th Mar 2013 21:22

Riddled with ....

... runtime errors

Nice idea, though.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood.

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27th Mar 2013 09:20

I think the developer is in the process of trying to smooth out the bugs, but then again no game is perfect on its first go!

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27th Mar 2013 10:06

Time for an Easter egg hunt

Reminds me of the old Excel 97 Easter egg that launched a (very basic!) flight simulator. Anyone with an ancient copy can get to it this way:

Open a blank worksheet and press F5.Enter "r97c12:r97c24" in the "Go To" box and hit Enter.Press TAB.Hold down Ctrl + ShiftClick the chart wizard icon.Hold on to your hats!

Now to find an old copy of Excel...

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By Yoyo29
28th Mar 2013 01:14

Sounds like a good way to distract from work stress.

@ Henry, I'm still using Excel 97 on my home computer and tried the Easter Egg. Unfortunately it didn't work. But a quick Google search led me this site with different Easter Egg instructions for Excel 97 (as per your steps but enter X97:L97 at Step 2).

The site also has steps for Excel 2000 Easter egg.

It is indeed great to have a different kind of fun will Excel. :)



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28th Mar 2013 11:38

Ah... fond memories

For some reason I still haven't fathomed, Easter is my favourite holiday of the year. And the same seems to apply to programmers, who celebrate the occasion with their software goodies.

I'd have to dig up an old, spare PC to see if I still have a copy of Excel 97, but for the 21st century there is a cloud alternative.

I still remember fondly the many hours I whiled away during Easter weekend 2010 on the Google Earth flight sim, which you can get to by clicking Ctrl+Alt+A (you'll need to download and install Google Earth app first).


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28th Mar 2013 14:25

For those who want to plan ahead

There is a spreadsheet here which will tell you when future Easter Sundays fall

Anyone up for doing one for Ramadan? Now there's a challenge.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood


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19th Apr 2013 15:29

Totally distracted

Wish I hadn't read this. Wish even more that I hadn't downloaded it. Got to level 3 so far but really must get back to work....

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