Case study: Aggarwaal & Co - Windows Vista/Office 2007 pioneers. By John Stokdyk

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A long-running debate has been taking place on AccountingWEB about the value of upgrading to Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system and the companion Office 2007 suite.

In contrast to the naysayers like John Francis, Kent-based accountancy firm Aggarwaal & Co was in the first wave of adopters. After participating in the beta test programme during 2006, the firm was one of the four UK businesses selected to appear at Microsoft's big Windows Vista launch event earlier this year.

In this article partner Richard Abel describes his experiences and explains why Windows Vista and Office 2007 were right for his firm.

The decision to take part in the Windows Vista and Microsoft Office beta test programme was triggered by a merger with another firm, Abel explains. "Not only wou...

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By mgh
20th Jun 2007 13:24

device drivers?
In this situation it made sense to go for Vista and Office 2007, but of course features such Terminal Services, and Exchange Server (for enhanced Outlook functionality) are also available with Windows XP in conjunction with SBS 2003.

I have heard that some manufacturers of older peripherals are not supplying drivers for Vista, but there is no mention of this here, so it seems this was not a problem in this case.

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21st Jun 2007 09:38

Still not convinced - yet.
I appreciate the situation of when having to buy new IT equipment you might as well go for the newest versions on the market to increase its lifespan.

But, we bought a Windows Vista PC earlier this year.
It crashed when running Sage and was incompatible with both QuickBooks & Iris.
So was it was completely unsuitable for us.

Iris released an updated version of their software in April making it now compatible, but we would have wasted a huge amount of time had we gone down the Vista route early on - over using a now very reliable Windows XP.

The benefits to the firm have come from the introduction of an SBS server bringing the shared calendars and Terminal Services into use.
All of which could have been achieved with the old hardware and operating system.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I still haven’t seen or read anything that has convinced me that I should move our practice over to Vista yet.

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