Excel Templates
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Excel-based templates for successful projects

A successful project requires careful planning and management. If you’ve had any experience with project management or handled related tasks before, then you already know that it’s by no means an easy feat.

17th Mar 2020
Excel Templates
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Excel templates

The job comes with an enormous amount of responsibility and requires good decision-making skills. Luckily, in today’s world, there are many computer tools to help plan and implement a project effectively.

It does not matter if you’re an expert or a newbie in the field. Regardless of your experience, you’ll need reliable and easy-to-use tools for organising and tracking tasks and their corresponding subtasks.

Excel templates for projects management and tracking

Customised Microsoft Excel-based tools make planning, implementing and, tracking the progress of a project easy. You can make PowerPoint slides with the data on Excel-based tools to show your team the progress of your project.

But with the wide range of downloadable and customisable Excel templates online, finding the right ones can be pretty overwhelming. To help you narrow your search, we have compiled some of the most useful Excel templates for project management and tracking.

Excel Gantt business chart templates

Excel Gantt business chart templates make viewing all aspects of the project easy. These charts help project managers collaborate with their teams while formulating task schedules.

Also, they can be integrated into software used for planning and project management and, once integrated, can automatically update data. Use the Excel Gantt template to colour-code tasks, drag and drop changes, and customise the spreadsheet when required.

Excel project schedule template

Excel templates that help schedule tasks are vital for the success of a project. These templates help members of a team deliver their assignments on time.

Excel schedule templates can be used to efficiently manage projects and make hourly timetables to complete important tasks, so team members are made aware of overdue deliverables and can adjust their work schedules accordingly.

Moreover, these schedule templates are timesheets that can be shared as emails, PDF or CSV files and members of the team can submit timesheets and send an email alert for others.

Excel project planner

Every successful project requires careful planning to achieve goals and expected results. There are Excel templates that help project managers plan each task.

These templates have columns that list the task that a specific team-member is expected to complete. The template also shows the start and finish date of each task. There are Excel-based list tools that easily convert to power-point graphical project planning tools.

Project budget planner

A project needs to be backed by finance to succeed. The financial backing should be planned correctly and this is why a budget is made. Thus, the project budget is the most essential part of a project.

Excel-based budget templates will help you keep track of the budget and ensure that the project has proper financial backing at all stages. The templates have colour codes to help you check if you have overspent and are in the red. You can adjust your budget accordingly and keep a close track of finances by using these templates.

Project dashboard

Project managers can use Excel-based project dashboard templates. These templates help managers navigate through the project with ease while staying in the driver’s seat. The dashboard helps you to keep track of tasks and the budget in one place.

These templates allow the creation of charts, graphs and other graphical tools to help visualise the progress of the entire project. These templates can integrate into online management software and other members of the team can upload task-statuses online.

Work breakdown templates

Projects are made of components called tasks. Many tasks have sub-tasks. To keep all the components or tasks in view, there are Excel-based templates with a work breakdown structure. The work breakdown structure helps you manage the project better.

It also helps you set up a realistic schedule for the completion of each task and helps you make an accurate estimate of the costs of the project. These templates can be easily integrated into project management software so that team members and managers can monitor the progress of the project.

Tracking templates

Tracking is power as knowledge is power. By tracking the progress of a project, you have a thorough understanding of the direction the project is taking and what needs to be changed so that the goal can be achieved. A project tracking spreadsheet is an easy-to-use, visual tool that helps you see the progress of the project easily.

The template helps you see all tasks, the team member performing the task, the planned duration of the task and, the percentage of the task that has been completed. Tracking templates help managers make changes in their plan and quickly and effectively complete projects.

Project Review Templates

Project reviews are essential tools in a project. They are conducted at the end of each phase of the project. These reviews help to evaluate the progress of a project and document the results.

Excel-based templates are available to help managers get a clear picture of planned tasks, completed tasks and outstanding tasks. This will help them in risk management and financial management of the project. They can clearly communicate the data to the members of the team.

The role of Excel templates in project management

Considering the amount of work that project managers have to keep on top of, they deserve access to tools that will help them improve efficiency.

Creating, planning, analysing and completing a project becomes easy by using templates. Sorting data is a simple task when it is presented in a spreadsheet.

Despite the hundreds of available software for planning, tracking, and organising projects, very few come close to Excel templates in terms of familiarity and flexibility.

This is why Excel-based templates are invaluable tools that aid the success of a project and the very reason for its continuing popularity among project managers.


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