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Excel changes gear on the iPad

21st Nov 2014
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After expressing disappointment following his first encounter with Excel on the iPad, technology editor at large David Ringstrom is becoming more enthusiastic.

Speaking at the Solutions 14 conference in Las Vegas last week, Ringstrom gave a thumbs up to the latest version of Microsoft Office Mobile for iPad released at the beginning of November. The app is free and compatible with both iPads and iPhones and will allow users to view, create and edit spreadsheets. To unlock the "full Excel experience", users will need to upgrade to an Office 365 subscription (£6 a month and up).

One of the biggest disappointments listed in his initial review for AccountingWEB earlier this year was the program’s inability to handle Pivot Table layouts on the iPad or iPhone.

“It’s not like you’re entering formulas. You’re dragging and dropping labels to fields. It should be ideal for the iPad,” Ringstrom said.

The new edition of Office for the iPhone can now cope with Pivot Tables. Several other niggles Ringstrom picked up during that first encounter have also been addressed, suggesting that the Office Mobile development team pays close attention to what he writes in his AccountingWEB reviews.

Ringstrom credits new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for having an immediate impact on the Migration of Office products to mobile devices.

“They’re beginning to respond more quickly,” he said.

“Under Steve Ballmer, Microsoft was stuck in the mud. The new guy is making snap decisions. They’ve launched a whole new Office Mobile for iPhone, there’s Office for Android. I think we’re going to see more and more innovation because they realised it’s their game to lose. They’re a whole new Microsoft.”

Watch David’s Solutions 14 interview below for more insights on Excel’s role in the evolving cloud environment:

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