How to use Office 2007 Themes

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In another contribution from our US sister site, David H Ringstrom illustrates how Microsoft Office Themes can help you customise your documents.   Microsoft Office 2007 ships with 20 readymade themes. These are standardised document layouts that set out colours, fonts and embellishments to reflect your corporate identity or preferred presentation.   Dozens more themes can be downloaded free from the Microsoft Web site or you can create your own to match your internal design standards. This article will show you how.

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By Anonymous
29th Apr 2010 23:52

Microsoft Package

I have realised of recent that more and more companies seems to make a greater use of Excel and Access especially in analysing and reporting.  As I have observed  more and more companies turn to require as a key skill for vacances a good knowledge in Microsoft package. It is that they are easier to use and the result it produces are better presented and understood than those of the other accounting packages such as Sage or it is just that sometimes it is difficult to accept new changes?

Those anyone share this view.

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