Pivot Tip 5 - How to lay data totals side-by-side. by David Carter

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If you put two items into the DATA area, the pivot table defaults to show one item under the other. If you want to see them side by side, drag and drop with the blue brick thingie.

There doesn't seem to be an official name that describes this blue thing. Anyhow, have a practice to see how it works.

Practice Session

In the previous sessions you have been asked to save the practice database pivot_practice.xls on your own machine. If you HAVE done this, open it now and click onto the pivot worksheet.

[If you HAVEN'T made your own copy, you should do so now. Follow the instructions at the end of this article.]

The first line of the pivot worksheet should read:

Compaq 1000mb 2300 2300

If it doesn't, amend the Layout of the pivot table as follows:

Row = PRODUCT,...

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13th Jun 2005 09:18

Try No. 9 !
One of the alternative Pivot Table formats (No. 9 in my version) displays multiple data columns side-by-side.

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