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Pivot Tip 7 - Tips on formatting a pivot table

19th Jul 2006
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David Carter's series of Five Minute Tips aims to develop your skill at using Excel pivot tables. To test these formating tips for yourself, try them out on your copy of the pivot_practice.xls database.

The beauty of Excel is that you can format a spreadsheet any way you want. It's not quite so easy in pivot tables, and occasionally you can modify a pivot table only to lose the formatting when you recalculate via the Refresh option. Microsoft has added so many options over the years that it gets confusing. These tips should clarify matters.

Use the black down arrow to highlight columns and rows

At the top of the first column in your pivot table is a grey Field button giving the name of the field in the Row area. Usually it will be in about cell A4; in our example it's called P...

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By jclough
28th Jul 2005 11:17

Column Widths
Thank you for the series of tips - very useful.

In Excel 2003, there is a tickbox in the Table Options (acessed through the wizard or from the Pivot Table toolbar) called "AutoFormat table". Unticking this box appears to stop the column widths being reset when the data is refreshed.

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