Sage Line 50 - Tips and Queries #1

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Continuing his searches through the archives, David Carter has collected together some of the articles and issues raised by readers about Sage Line 50 and Instant. This first article covers Data Export and Import.

  • Exporting data from Sage

  • Importing data into Sage


    Sage Line 50 to Excel export

    I'm looking for a practical tip on how to extract accounting data from Sage Line 50 so that it can be analysed/manipulated in Microsoft Excel. Dick Lloyd

    Sage/Excel Integrated Reporting in v11

    I can see how to paste a Sage Data Range into a spreadsheet and set the criteria for the data. But I really need to run the query again with different criteria. In simplest terms I might want to look at the sales turnover of a customer, then look again for a differe...

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    09th Dec 2007 13:24

    Help-Invoice Numbers in the Nominal Ledger
    We have a recently transfered over to Sageline 50, but when using the invoicing system, and updating to ledger, nowhere does it appears to copy the invoice number over as the Ref.

    This means we can never find out which invoice, on either the Customers screen, or on on the Nominal COde is for what without going through every invoice for that customer.

    The other problem has been, is there any way of when Invoice post to the Nominal Ledger for it to tell you which supplier it relates, without having to type it in the Details section of the supplier invoice everytime.


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    By Des2460
    to cverrier
    31st Aug 2011 22:20


    Did you ever get aresponse on this?


    I moved from quickbooks and In am horrified at how difficult the market leader is to work with. The example you have given is a case in point. Why wouldnt you want to see the supplier in the nominal. Its more use than the actual decription most times. Maybe we are barking up the wrong tree and wev should export everythingto Excel for analysis. Sounds likev a backward step.

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    By wally16
    26th Sep 2012 11:32


    i have invoiced a company for works to commence £24000.00 , the finance company were delaying in payment which meant we had to stall getting parts ect, so the manager transferred the £24000.00 in to our bank account as a loan , then 2 weeks later the finance company transferred the £24k which i have allocated the invoice too, but how do i enter the loan money on to sage and how do i show it has now gone back to the manager?

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    By worcs
    to JimLittle
    06th Feb 2013 18:45

    The loan from the manager (I assume is the owner/director) should really go to the directors loan account, not the invoice.

    The subsequent payment from the customer should be allocated against the invoice.

    And the manager then repaid from the directors loan account.

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