SOFTWARE NEWS: Excel: This season's must-have accessory. By John Stokdyk

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"This fall's coolest accessory is not a trophy handbag, a designer shoe or a pair of skinny jeans," wrote Canadian fashionista Tralee Pearce in the Globe & Mail.

Unlikely as it may seem, the trend-setter she's talking about is Microsoft Excel, used by legions of Excel users to database their lives, chart their wardrobes, dinner-party menus and DVD collections.

Recognising the central role that spreadsheets play in the typical accountant's life, ExcelZone has previously explored the outer limits of Excel use to uncover:

  • The Excel-addict technician who creates her CV on a spreadsheet

  • XL Footy Manager, an online game based around a spreadsheet model (which itself can be downloaded from the XL-Logic fun & games page).

  • Spreadsheet-based music quizzes

  • Rock lyrics "inspired" by spreadsh...
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    Sudoku No 47
    What happened to the sudoku?. We had got used to the real challenging Sudoku but you seem to have abandoned it. Please resume

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