<b>Technology News:</b> Google Page Creator may signal move into Office territory. By John Stokdyk

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Amid all the buzz about Microsoft Office Live and other moves towards software as a service, some commentators are suggesting that Google may be preparing to offer online spreadsheet and word processing tools.

The arrival of Google Page Creator, an online rival to FrontPage, appears to have set the ball rolling. In a recent posting, Richard MacManus of ZDNet.com advanced the most coherent case for Google developing an online rival to Microsoft Office and assessed some of the possible contenders to make up the suite, some of which he suggested could be acquisition targets for Google, Microsoft or Yahoo.

For spreadsheets, MacManus initially overlooked the WikiCalc tool being developed by VisiCalc co-inventor Dan Bricklin. NumSum, the "social spreadsheet" launched in 2004 and the newer iRows sy...

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16th Mar 2006 10:56

Thanks for monitoring the situation, Dennis
I sneaked off on holiday last week and missed the excitements of the Google-Writely deal. Thanks for keeping us posted, Dennis.

Kudos is due here to Richard MacManus of ZDnet.com, who was the commentator who most clearly explained the strategy last week. After predicting Google's Writely move, I'm certainly adding his RSS feed to my collection.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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10th Mar 2006 03:20

Events overtook me
Google just acquired Writely - ho hum...

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09th Mar 2006 05:02

you're right...and wrong
Great analysis John but I can't see anyone buying into a Google office anytime soon - more important things to worry about. Lots of issues around the online stuff - despite my enthusiasm for this stuff. You know where to go to get the practice skinny on this...

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