The Excel camera – smile please! By Simon Hurst

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Simon Hurst offers some tips on how to use Excel's little know 'camera' feature.

The recent Excel Zone compendium article on printing led to an extensive exchange of comments mainly centred around setting the print area to include several individual, distinct areas. This is relatively easy to accomplish by holding down the Control key while selecting additional areas. However, if the print area is made up of separate areas, then Excel will print each on a separate page.

Of course, you could create a separate sheet with links to all the different areas, arranged as you wish them to print, but this might be tricky to maintain. Changing...

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11th Jul 2008 17:33

Liam - many thanks for the PowerPoint example and Paul thanks for taking the trouble to let us know how useful you found the article - it's great to know that something has been of help.



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10th Jul 2008 14:53

Simon - you've made my day
It is rare these days for me to be "WOWd" and even if I am, I rarely let the other person know, but you have managed it.

My immediate thought was of a number of huge messy spreadsheets that we or clients prepare and within which we have to set up little "print this bit" areas because the rest of the sheet is such a mess or the key figures are half a mile apart. Not only is this time consuming but when the 5 little bits are printed or PDFd we end up with 5 sheets with differing positions on the page and where text & numbers look either 20 or 6 point.


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By Anonymous
09th Jul 2008 15:38

Powerpoint table
I use the paste picture link to show tables on powerpoint pages. They are embedded as pictures and are thus not adjustable by the reader, unlike a simple copy/paste table would be.

You only need one use for a feature if it's a good one.

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