Tutorial: Import data from Pegasus Opera into Excel. By David Carter

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This page is for readers of AccountingWEB who need to get reports out of Pegasus Opera and Opera II.

Its not immediately obvious how to get data out of Opera and into Excel. You need an add-on module, either Reporter or (later and better) XRL Reporter.

XRL Reporter is a very good package and last month it won a first place among AccountingWEBs Software Satisfaction awards, so its definitely worth considering.

However, you dont have to buy an extra module in order to get Opera data into Excel. In fact its very easy to do. Theres no need to install any special drivers or the like because Opera is written in the Visual Foxpro database. Foxpro is a Microsoft product, and Visual Foxpro drivers are supplied...

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27th Aug 2009 09:14

Pegasus Opera database schema\table information

I am a software developer and this post has been very useful getting me started on extracting data from Opera. I basically need to write a program to extract all open items (invoices/credit notes/adjustments etc) and the Customer\Debtor they belong to.

Does anyone know if Pegasus publish the Opera database schema. You mention a few tables below (and sname looks like customer info table) but it isn't immediately obvious what the myriad of other tables do.



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