Tutorial: Import Data into Excel from Access Dimensions. Part 1. By David Carter

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This is for readers of AccountingWEB who use the Dimensions package from Access Accounting.

There are two main ways of getting data out of Dimensions and into Excel. The first is to set up Dimensions as a SQL Server data source in Windows, then use the Import External Data command to pull the data into Excel.

The second is to use Access Analytics, an extra module supplied by Access. Analytics generates two analysis-ready files one for Sales Analysis and one for General Ledger analysis and feeds them into an Excel pivot table.

Well look at Analytics in the next article. But for users who dont have Analytics, in this first tutorial well set up Dimensions as a data source in Windows and import from the data tables into Excel.

Before we start, a note of caution. SQL Server is a com...

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12th Mar 2008 13:47

Access Dimensions & Excel
David has import of data into Excel from Dimensions sound very difficult.

Dimensions has a module (office Integration) that is very very simple to use. Access Analytics, to which david refers, is just one part of this module.

Other elements of the module permit the simple extraction of data (and in some cases replacement of modified data). This process is simple and there are even special Access Functions that enable the user to write compex reports very easily.

There is no need for techie involvement - seeting up the Office Integration module is a non-technical operation easily performed by accountants.

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