2012: Cloud climbs towards plateau of productivity

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This year’s Business Cloud Summit in November was an eye-opening experience for a practising software sceptic.

After spending several years questioning the claims of cloud evangelists, I was genuinely surprised by the number and scale of the 300+ organisations that sent along representatives.

By no means am I a cloud denier, it’s just that I have been watching the accounting profession’s disposition towards the cloud very carefully over the past decade and initially held back from announcing the dawn of a new era of computing because plenty of other people were already doing that, and members of AccountingWEB (and accountants in general) were reluctant to ditch systems that had won their trust.

Figures from our Software Satisfaction surveys provide an indication of how and when the profession’s attitude began to change, driven, it has to be said, but the adoption of cloud systems by small and start-up businesses.

Back in 2006, cloud accounting was non-existent in the UK - only two users out of 2,000 respondents reported using such systems in that year’s Software Satisfaction Survey. Since 2007, the uptake has exploded to the point that nearly six out of 10 respondents in 2012 (58.8%) were using cloud-based accounting systems.

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John Stokdyk is the global editor of AccountingWEB UK and AccountingWEB.com.


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