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Capium adds company secretarial to its suite

All-in-one practice software suite Capium unveiled a new company secretarial module at the Accountex North Summit this week.

12th Sep 2019
Editor in Chief (interim) AccountingWEB
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Capium adds company secretarial module

The seventh module within the suite, Company Secretarial, is part of a wider overhaul of the practice management capabilities of the cloud programme which includes new proposal and letter of engagement routines, a revamped central hub and a low-cost Receipts tool for getting transactions into the system.

Capium is also opening up its software more to become part of the cloud bookkeeping ecosystem, so its accounts production tool now imports trial balances from Xero and QuickBooks Online.

The Company Secretarial module was designed in tandem with formations specialist First Corporate and its First Order software, so it can handle formations and share allocations as well as file annual statements, returns and director particulars. It will also carry out some of the basic requirements for anti-money laundering, explained Nick Cheyne, operations and partner manager at Capium.

“Company secretarial is the last feature we’ve been missing. Now we’ve got it, our practice-wide portfolio is complete. It’s going to be an interesting year as now we can challenge the big boys,” he said.

The product took three months to develop and deliver from the initial partnership agreement with First Corporate, so there is some additional work to complete, Cheyne added. This includes integrating the share and dividend register in the company secretarial module with Capium’s bookkeeping system, which the developer aims to complete by the end of the year.

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By Rgab1947
12th Sep 2019 10:10

So on the page AccountingWeb also has a link to download a guide as to what Capium can offer us accountants. Fill in the detail and lo and behold. You can only submit if you agree to spam calls.

Is that not illegal?

Guess who will not even look at Capium.

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Replying to Rgab1947:
John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
12th Sep 2019 14:08

Maybe it's worth pointing out that the link to the Capium buyer's guide was a random appearance (it's not showing when I just looked), and also that AccountingWEB is funded by advertising.

Like any other free-to-use service on the Net, we will have display ads and link to content that help us build and maintain the site.

Please don't hold a grudge against any developers like Capium who support the site. You are not obliged to click any of the links or download the guides, so they will only contact you if you've indicated that you're interested in hearing more about their products.

And the practice is certainly not against the law. We like to think that the material that is published on AccountingWEB by our advertising partners is informative and useful to our members, and most of them seem to accept the trade-off.

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