CCH pilots AutoFill and iXBRL tools

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John Stokdyk
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At its user conference near Watford this week, CCH executives previewed a couple of interesting new tools.

The first to catch the eye goes under the working title of CCH AutoFill and is designed to take scans of the chaotic documentation that arrives during tax season and convert the contents into data that can feed straight through to the client’s tax return.

Keyless data entry is ambitious idea that grabbed the attention of conference delegates, who questioned the CCH team closely on how the data was being recognised and filed within the CCH Document Management module. Outwardly, there’s not much to the program – just an extra tab on the CCH Central client data screen.

When you open a scanned file, the left hand document folder window looks similar to the CCH Scan Management product reviewed on AccountingWEB last year, but the right hand side of the document screen reflects the work of the past year to pull information from the scan into the client and tax program.

CCH AutoFill is based a dictionary of terms that appear on relevant tax documents such as P45s, P60s, P11Ds, dividend statements and so on. The program subjects the document image to optical recognition and where it spots a known form, it will recognise and display the values relating to the data it contains.

In a separate session CCH head of practice software Paul Brace announced that the company’s iXBRL-compatible Corporation Tax and accounts production modules would be ready for testing in June and put out on full release in the third quarter of the year. He also gave a sneak preview of CCH’s prototype iXBRL tagging system.

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