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Client Engager

Client Engager targets practice management gap


A new practice management tool has bucked the trend of consolidation, arriving at a time when software options are shrinking and offering a solution for firms starting out or scaling up.

11th Jan 2023
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Client Engager bills itself as an all-in-one practice management solution, with prices based on the number of clients engaged and served, with no limit placed on the number of staff that can use the software.

Aiming to fill the gap left by a spate of consolidations in the space, the company offers functionality common to other practice management tools, including client management, engagement letters, bulk texting and emailing, a client portal, workflow, task management and service checklists. 

It recently added a pricing calculator tool, allowing firms to enter key metrics and work out how much to charge per month, and is currently finalising an e-signing function. One feature that Client Engager believes is unique to the market is a built-in ability for the client to reject a document for signing and explain why – for example an incorrect date of birth on a tax return. This avoids rejected documents sitting in a folder waiting for either client or firm to pick up on them.

In terms of pricing, the company plans to launch a new structure in the coming weeks. Start-up firms (defined as up to 10 clients) pay £9+VAT a month, small practices (defined as up to 50 clients) pay £19+VAT, growing practices (up to 250 clients) £49 and established practices (up to 1,000 clients) £199. For full pricing contact Client Engager via its website.

A viable option for firms starting out

Client Engager was created by Andy Wainwright, managing director of Liverpool-based firm Wainwrights Accountants. Wainwright had been looking for cloud practice management software for his firm but felt he hadn’t found a solution for a price point that was justifiable, with many of the existing tools in the market proving over-complicated to use.

He met tech developer Piotr Muzyczuk at a family event and after discussing the functionality needed for a practice management tool, the pair worked together to get it up and running. 

In August 2022, Johann Goree joined the team to consult on various features and bring another firm owner’s perspective. Goree, now a director at Client Engager and group MD of OnPoint Accounting Group, told AccountingWEB the software had been built to prove a point: that a good practice management tool could be made quickly and affordably.

“Before I came on board I had a face-to-face meeting with them and was blown away by where they had got to without any investment,” he said.

In Goree’s view, the fact that unlimited users at an accounting firm have access to the software is a major selling point.

“I’ve always disliked the fact that if I’ve got a receptionist I want to do a bit of admin, that will cost me £30 or £40 a month,” he said. “With every user, you have to weigh up the value of their access. Our plan allows firms to scale without having to worry about costs rising exponentially every time we take on a new team member.”

Goree added that its pricing structure means it’s a viable option for firms starting out. “Everyone in the accounting industry says you should get practice management software from the start to help run your firm – including the systems themselves – but no one makes it affordable enough to do so,” he said. 

“Setup is a huge job,” said Goree. “We do offer templates but you have to add your own branding, customise your pricing, add your services and meet your governing body requirements – it’s extremely time-consuming. Our goal is to have an affordable offering from day one for firms starting out.”


Client Engager’s integration with QuickBooks Online offers a range of functionality intended to increase efficiency, including the ability to pull credit control into Client Engager, allowing a team member with the correct user permissions to see if a client is behind on payments. Users can raise and send invoices through Client Engager, and when an address is updated through Client Engager, the update is pulled through into QuickBooks, removing the need to repeat the task.

Integrations with other general ledger tools, including Xero and Sage, are on Client Engager’s development roadmap for 2023.

Currently, users of Client Engager can request bank statements through the Armalytix-powered bank fetch feature, make payment requests through the payment tool Crezco, the latter being a free plug-in with no merchant deductions.

The company is also about to integrate with client support app Timworks, offering a two-way sync of client data and eventually the ability to message clients directly through Client Engager via a browser – in a similar fashion to LinkedIn or Facebook. It is also building an integration with anti-money laundering and risk assessment software Xama Technologies to conduct risk assessments and verify client IDs. Both integrations should be completed by March 2023.

Replies (5)

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By Hugo Fair
11th Jan 2023 15:32

Why is this article listed under 'Accounting Software', rather than 'Practice Software'?

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
11th Jan 2023 16:04

Gah! You're absolutely right. My mistake loading it onto the site. Not sure I'm able to correct it manually. Hopefully someone less bungle-prone will be able to fix it...

Thanks as ever for your vigilance over our taxonomies Hugo :-)

*Edit, that's now fixed

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
12th Jan 2023 15:58

Has it got email integration ? are they planning on connecting to Xero.

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Replying to Glennzy:
Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
12th Jan 2023 16:34

Glenn! Good to see you in the comments :-) While I can't speak for the folks at Client Engager, I think they have email integration with an email 'triaging' system similar to the one used by Karbon.

And a Xero integration is in the pipeline for 2023 I believe.

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Replying to Glennzy:
Johann Goree
By Johann Goree
13th Jan 2023 07:38

Hi Glenn,

We have email intergration being built now and realeasing end of February and the xero intergration will be live summer 2023.


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