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AccountingWEB has launched a new mentoring project sponsored by BTCSoftware offering free hands-on help and advice to elevate your firm and career.

Small firm partners frequently have to work in isolation and tackle problems by themselves. To help practitioners develop their skills and deal with new challenges, AccountingWEB and BTCSoftware have come up with an initiative to put together those looking for advice and help with a panel of successful small practice accountants and experts.

This innovative online mentoring project brings a successful formula for support and development from the corporate world to accountancy practice. 

If you’ve got a challenge or an opportunity you’d like to make the most of, our panel of specialists will be on hand to give you practical advice relevant to your circumstances.

Whether you’re looking for help with practical procedures and processes, adapting the services you offer, or personal career progression and broadening your skills, the AccountingWEB-BTCSoftware mentoring programme will seek to put you in touch with a sympathetic fellow professional who can lend a helping hand. To take part, tell us about the challenges you face and the kind of advice you are seeking and we will ask real accountants who have faced these issues to tell you how they dealt with similar situations in the past.

“I’ve been exposed to mentoring in my own career with company directors and development specialists who were used to mentoring,” said Andrew Ross from BTCSoftware.

“Recently a potential customer was asking lots of questions about our practice management software and how to deploy it to best effect in his own business. He made me realise that there’s a lot of potential for offering general advice on how to move forward with your practice.

“A lot of customers we deal with are pretty new, just coming into practice on their own, or merging with other practices after running their own show. They’re facing all the pressures we’re aware of with fees, differentiating themselves and growing the business.

“At the other end of the spectrum we have a lot of practitioners who have been around a while and done it all before. We thought it would be very useful for them to engage with newer entrants and help them along the way.”

James Scanlan, head of client services at PracticeWEB, said the scheme presented a great opportunity to practitioners to benefit from expert advice.

“Everything the accountant can tell them is incredibly valuable but from the expert point of view, as a start-up and for many practices, this would usually be cost-prohibitive. There’s a great opportunity here to learn best practice and from other people’s mistakes at no cost, providing real focus and an opportunity to accelerate growth.”

To get involved register your interest and we’ll be in touch about the next steps if you’re selected to participate.

Whether you’re a start-up practice or senior practice manager looking to make the jump to partner, we’ll help you face the most pertinent challenges going forward.

Join in the conversation and follow the scheme's progress on the AccountingWEB mentoring project blog, or get regular mentoring updates by following us on Twitter or searching for the hashtag #AwebMentors.

To receive valuable peer-to-peer advice and get your firm moving in the right direction, register your interest now.

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