Industry lowdown: Frauds, MTD and the ideal client

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November's most popular industry insights articles include tips on how to: recruit and maintain good clients; avoid expense frauds; and the truths that you can relate to as an accountant. 

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Pandle Insights: The Paradise Papers

Pandle offers its analysis of the Paradise Papers leak, including what this means for tax avoidance.

The Paradise Papers was one of the biggest data leaks of all time, and its implications for the accounting profession were explored in various articles on AccountingWEB. Cloud-based bookkeeping software provider Pandle also covered the fallout, making it one of the most popular items this month.

In this analysis, Pandle explained the implications for the reduction of tax avoidance, possible changes in legislation and an increase of HMRC investigations, as well as how to advise clients.

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Capitalise: Why are some accountants blessed with good clients?

Finding new clients, especially those who fall into the category of “good clients”, is a priority for many firms. Turning clients who issue late submissions or late payments into good clients is not just possible, but also necessary for the future and profitability of your firm.

Working with the right clients can save hours of your time and unnecessary frustration. While the “hunt” for good clients might seem difficult at times, there is another way to look at it: if you can’t find good clients, make them.

In this short guide, Capitalise offers insight and a step-by-step process you can follow to achieve this. The tips include rethinking your business model and making the most out of what technology has to offer, as well as continuing to train your clients once the onboarding process is complete.

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Concur: Top expense frauds you need to watch out for

Expense fraud costs businesses a vast amount of money each year. How can you make sure this is not the case in your organisation?

Concur offers a guide to the most common expense frauds, complete with easy-to-spot patterns which can alert you to exaggerated or false claims.

Some of the clues to watch out for include employees spending much more than members in similar positions, the claim of non-business related items and split expenses.

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MyFirmsApp: A simpler solution to MTD

MyFirmsApp has created a platform with some of the best apps to look for when making the transition to MTD.

MyFirmsApps’ Collect platform provides clients with some of the most useful tools to collect information for MTD from smartphones and tablets. The instant synchronisation technology ensures that the latest version of the customers´ records is provided.

The Collect platform allows users to perform the same actions as their clients, providing full access to all the records collected.

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FreeAgent: Five truths all accountants will relate to 

FreeAgent celebrated International Accounting Day with this article about the most common situations all accountants have been through.

If your friends sometimes treat you as if you were a human calculator, you are not alone. This is the first of the universal truths that FreeAgent compiled for November´s Accounting Day this year, which includes some of the most common assumptions that people make about accountants.

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