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IRIS and Ignition ink partnership to streamline engagement and billing


Accounting software suite IRIS has announced a strategic tie-up with proposal and payments tool Ignition with the aim of helping firms streamline their client engagement and boost their cashflow.

26th Jul 2023
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The strategic partnership targets firms looking to sharpen their engagement and onboarding processes, and add up-front client payment options to cut down invoice chasing.

Through the collaboration, IRIS customers will have access to preferential pricing for specific Ignition products. The partnership cuts across all IRIS products, not just its Elements cloud platform. Those interested can contact their IRIS account manager for more details.

The tie-up is the latest in a steady stream of integrations between established accounting suites and new cloud tools. IRIS and CCH have both recently announced tie-ups with FYI Docs, while IRIS has also partnered with AI-powered revenue intelligence tool cloudapps.

“At IRIS we partner with a lot of companies, but there are so many synergies between Elements and what Ignition does with its client engagement tools this made complete sense,” Emma Crawford-Falekaono, Divisional Director - Accountancy at IRIS (and formally head of EMEA for Ignition) told AccountingWEB. “We want to make sure our customer base has the ability to access best of breed. We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all so partnering with Ignition gives customers more options and flexibility.”

Launched in 2012 to help accountants and bookkeepers streamline client sign-ups with templated proposals and engagement letters, Ignition has built up its offering by adding a range of tools, including price proposals benchmarked by region, client dashboards and a CRM system.

Ignition also offers automated client billing and payment collection. Accountants can either set up the system to be paid upfront as soon as the scope of work is agreed, or for clients requiring more flexibility to review and pay invoices it offers the ability to share an online payment link or include it directly on the invoice to make it easy to pay.

“We want to see payments integrated up front in the customer journey and Ignition does this really well,” said IRIS’s Crawford-Falekaono.

Through its high-level business dashboard, Ignition also aims to help accountants increase the accuracy of cashflow forecasting for their own practice – as well as their clients’ through bookkeeping software integration.

*27 July 2023: This article was amended to reflect an update to a quote about the various proposal tools available

Replies (4)

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By exceljockey
27th Jul 2023 10:36

Just about to look into Practice Ignition again after not having used it for a number of years. No chance now after this little nugget of information. Whatever 'strategic tie-up' means today is not as important as what it means in the future. I'm just not prepared to go through the pain of integrating any software into my business that Iris could potentially get its hands on in the future.

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By wilcoskip
27th Jul 2023 13:15

Oh for pity's sake. Everything I use, the corporate monstrosity that is IRIS gets its dirty little paws on.

I am off to fume somewhere.

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By Hugo Fair
27th Jul 2023 22:33

Has IRIS become an anti-brand?

All those people burned by their recalcitrant approach to cancellations are becoming vocal.

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By wilcoskip
28th Jul 2023 09:06

It's very frustrating. The billing/cancellation is just one aspect of the problem.
Our virtual desktop (used to be Hosted Accountants) got bought up by IRIS. When I had a billing issue and tried to get through the mess of a helpline, the polite lady on the other end didn't know what I was talking about or how to help me. That little situation dragged on for 3 months.
So having once been happily IRIS-free, I now have my accounts and tax (Taxfiler) owned by them, my virtual desktop service owned by them and now Ignition (used for engagement letters/DD collections) owned by them.
Taxfiler was easy enough to move away from. The other two - not so much, unfortunately.

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