IRIS raises cloud stakes with OpenPayroll

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Accountancy specialist IRIS Software Group emphasised its claims to market leadership for cloud-based applications with the first public showing of its OpenPayroll product.

Announced last week, IRIS OpenPayroll is a new, entirely web-based implementation that sits within the growing family of IRIS “Open” products.

Along with the new payroll system, the Open family now includes OpenBooks - a rebadged version of the the FreeAgent web accounting system, the OpenSpace document portal, OpenTax, OpenAudit OpenPayslips and OpenWebsite web building services. All of these applications are linked by IRIS OpenPortal, a digital backbone that sits within the firm’s desktop software and ties it to the cloud services, explained IRIS CEO Phill Robinson at the company’s IRIS World 2013 event in Twickenham last week.

“Payroll is a big bit of functionality,” he said. “Today is about trying to paint a complete picture of our cloud strategy. You can see how...

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08th Oct 2013 13:25


This may be good software but Iris are going to price themselves out of the market. I use Iris for my practice but Moneysoft for payroll. if I used Open books for payroll for my 80 or so clients this would cost me over £500 a month but Moneysoft costs me £112 A YEAR. I know what I will be using!

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09th Oct 2013 07:54

essex accountant

I'm assuming you meant OpenPayroll rather than Open Books, which has it's own payroll system built in?

Out of interest, Clear Books released their "Open Payroll" a couple of years ago and the bureau version about 6 months ago with a different pricing structure based on an annual subscription for up to 250 companies, with, I think, up to 250 employees per company.  

I don't actually do much payroll work now and so don't know how the Iris & Clear Books systems compare in functionality with each other or with Moneysoft however, as we've found with the bookkeeping side of things, you are not comparing like with like when looking at land & cloud based systems in that, with the latter, there are usually savings in efficiency that go to make up for any extra monetary cost.

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09th Oct 2013 13:27

i wish they would stop using the word FREE

on their marketing makes me angry , but telephone companies are no better either , this is a free call ... my arse[***].....

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09th Oct 2013 13:30


i almost always agree with you but

looking at land & cloud based systems in that, with the latter, there are usually savings in efficiency that go to make up for any extra monetary cost.

aint the case with moneysoft ( tho there is no cloud version yet) rolls royce service for the price of a mini as they say


anyway you are correct in saying probably best to steer clear of payroll altogether!

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09th Oct 2013 14:18

Hi carnmores

Out of interest, where do Iris say their payroll is Free?  I know they used to do payroll "Basics" free of charge (but can't find it now) and OpenSpace is free but there's no doubt you pay for the other stuff after any trial period.

As to the Rolls v Mini, I suppose it depends on whether you need a Rolls (they would have to pay me to drive one - then I'd take it to the scrap yard) and whether you end up comparing two Minis.

Also, as I always point out, until you try another system, you have no idea what specification, speed or CO2 emissions it has, ie unless you've tested it, how do you know Iris or Clear Books OpenPayroll isn't one of these beauties?

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09th Oct 2013 14:30

they used it on their online tax SA stuff

i hope they have desisted here , will look here



er its free......




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10th Oct 2013 08:21

well found

This was the one I was looking for it's still live & free and listed under their Small Business Owners - Payroll page.  It was created to match HMRC's free offering.

With regard to Open Tax (the online SA tax offering) they clearly say that this is free to use and you only pay per each submission to HMRC.  I actually like this format as you can use the software with live data without a 14 or 30 day trial period hanging over you and only have to pay when the work is done, which is quite often the time when accountants will charge the client.

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03rd Dec 2013 07:53

Cloud Payroll

Can't see how they can be competitive with other providers, look at GTax Payroll, they have been offering Online Payroll for a year now, way cheaper than IRIS in any way you look at it.

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