IT to boost economic recovery in 2010

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Seven out of ten respondents to a recent Gartner survey see growing their turnover as the key goal for 2010 and 62% of CEOs view IT as vital to their post-recession strategies. Cost-cutting was the top objective in last year’s survey, but fell to fith position in the latest round of research.

Nearly a third of respondents (29%) expected revenues to rise next year, but 10% admitted they do not anticipate any growth in 2010.

"These preliminary results will help CIOs and their teams with the planning and budgeting work they are doing in the next few months,” said Mark Raskino, research vice president and Gartner fellow.

“With business leaders progressively shifting their time and attention away from the introspection of restructuring and tactical cost cutting, and back towards customer value propositions and servicing during 2010, IT leaders should propose new ways in which technology can be used to support existing and new customers. They should also discuss talent-management issues and consider special provisions for key talent,” Raskino added.

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By onesys
18th Dec 2009 20:36

Need to Repair the Flaws Exposed by the Recession

Although this Gartner survey was based on feedback from larger organisations, small and mid-sized businesses will have their own specific reasons for increasing investment in IT during 2010.

One reason may be the fact that when the time came to make crucial business decisions and the management team asked for the data to base their decisions on, detailed, accurate information just wasn't available, or they were overtaken by events before this data could be presented in a useable form.

Legacy and fragmented business management systems just aren't suited to crisis management. Forecasting tools may have been non-existent and very fast changing customer demand took on a whole new dimension.

Now faced with lean management structures and the loss of IT staff, businesses may decide that an intuitive, low maintenance, integrated software system or cost-effective networked PSA software add-on must be in place to provide control tools and a clear business overview before increasing customer demand puts them on the back foot again.

The real-time stock, productivity and profitability overview that these systems can give business owners, large or small, should enable them to get the most from their current resources and workforce, even when the preasure starts to mount.

CRM software (Contact Management Software) is another crucial tool that can propel a business out of recession. Before the slump many relied on loyal clients and referral business but now proactive marketing and sales campaigns can really kick-start a company's recovery.

The very flexible purchase options offered by many IT and software partners at the moment, will enable many companies to sort their problems now without it affecting their still fragile cash-flow.

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