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16th Nov 2009
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Have you found this content useful? Use the button above to save it to your profile. has opened seven new online forums for users of Sage, QuickBooks, IRIS practice software, Pegasus Opera II, plus Cloud accounting and document management systems, with more applications to follow.

The interactive online discussion groups are a feature of AccountingWEB’s new content management system and make it possible for like-minded individuals to share ideas and advice in their own separate channel.

While the Any Answers page remains the place to go for quick advice on particular software problems, the Discussion Group gives people who want to explore the issues more deeply a chance to do so without troubling the rest of the community.

For the moment, here are the home pages of our software user discussion groups:

Other groups for software applications will be set up as interested members come forward, so keep your eye on the Discussion Group home page to see if your applications have such a forum. If they don’t, either let us know by commenting below or email techdesk [at] and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
16th Nov 2009 12:03

Any interest in a Cloud Computing discussion group?

We've been planning to ramp up our activities around the burgeoning market for web-based Cloud accounting applications and have sparked quite a lot of debate around the web on the topic during the past week. If you're a practitioner and are wondering what on earth I'm talking about, we'll be hosting a session at the Business Cloud Summit in London on 2 December where a collection of suppliers are going to sit in the audience and listen to what you think of the whole concept.

The exercise is intended to provide an antidote to all the jargon laden presentations that new technology enthusiasts often fall victim to.

In the longer term, or if you can't make it to the event in London, we can continue the conversation in a separate Discussion Group dedicated to Cloud Computing. Post a comment below if you would be interested in this forum, and we'll let you know when it's up and running.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor


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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
16th Nov 2009 14:40

Where are all the VT, Moneysoft and Digita users?

I've spent the morning laying the groundwork for some of our existing discussion groups, but while looking back through previous Any Answers threads, I noticed that Moneysoft, VT and Digita users love to tell other practitioners about their software.

Are these products so great that all you need is to discuss their merits with prospective users? Or do you think with the big online filing changes coming that there might be useful things that the different software users could discuss together?

If you're in one of these camps of enthusiasts, let me know below or by emailing techdesk [at] if you, too, would like an online discussion group of your own.

Happy chatting!
John Stokdyk, Technology editor


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By gigas
28th Nov 2009 10:23

VT Accounts caveat

I am a small business owner looking for recommended accounting software and found accounting web discussions very useful.  I too noticed VT accounts often favourably mentioned and their own website quotes a lot of these comments as customer comments but, significantly, none are dated.  Anyway I gave it a try and this is just some  feedback to balance the postings.   Basically, I found it useless for my purposes and have sent it back under their 30day guarantee.   Now I hasten to add that I am not an accountant and their literature does say that it is best for accountants however I didnt even attempt the accounts program, I spent a day trying to get to grips with the bookkeeping program Transaction+ which is surely designed for mere mortals.   Here is a copy of a message to their support which you might like to move to another discussion thread in the hope it might help someone else.

The bottom line is that a program that cant import transactions or bank statements is best left to die out with th dinosaurs!

I came across the VTAccounts recommended after searching for Excel company accounts template.
I am a small business owner but I am not an accountant.  I am competant in IT including databases and limited VBA.
I have three businesses two trading, one with all tansactions recorded in a database - about 3000 records (or transactions) pa
The others have spreadsheet based bookeeping based on downloaded bank statements about 300 lines pa.
For historical reasons I use different accountants for each and I am amazed how they use completely different, but equally unwieldy and error prone, speadsheets to produce my annual accounts. What I was looking for was a standardised 'template' where I can import or paste most of the data and they can be left to mainly deal with the tax computations.
1.  Installation did not complete from CD. Stop (red x):"unexpected error ; quitting". Very inauspicious!  The same error occurs if I attempt to run VT Cash book from he start menu but the other programs appear to be OK.  Another repeated bug is after a (large) attempted import over a wireless network where the datafile is on a network computer, I have had 'delayed write failures' and imediate drop out of the program with data loss. I have since worked only on a local computer.
2.  Help files are comprehensive but excessive accounting jargon, ledgers, journals etc. Only a limited attempt to explain data structures under 'concepts' and generally too few illustrations or examples. A sample company with say two years data would be helpful. 
3. Overall impression is a huge amount of effort has gone into this program and it is probably great for accountants who have used it for a long time.
But it is showing its age - with VBA and the com model and no apparent provision for importing from online bank statements.
I have spent a full day trying to get to grips with the program, mainly trying to get data into Transaction+,  and I am prepared to give it another try.
But I will not waste your time with repeated questions and have to say at the moment I am likely to be returning within your 30 day guarantee.
My immediate question relates to importing data I am attempting to import a list of transactions from a spreadsheet using transactions>journal
I have managed to get the 'assignments' mapped correctly using the clever converter and new conversion table.
However, I can find no way of importing the dates  - the whole 'journal' has the same date.  This is essential for bank data.  



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