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Tapping into tech for transparency AccountingWEB An illustration taken from the Practice Innovation editorial special report

Tapping into tech for transparency


Using tools to enhance the communication process with clients and staff makes the process easier for all, and facilitates innovation, says Alex Falcon Huerta.

14th Nov 2023
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At Soaring Falcon, we use high-end tools to enhance interactions with both clients and teams. Central to this is a tech tool Confluence – a platform where we store our step-by-step processes. This is our go-to tool where we have documentation for the company and clients.

We share our workflows for each service we provide, together with a heat map. The heat map shows clients and the team where we experience high levels of work – mainly due to the timing of deadlines within the practice. Then we can prepare as much in advance to reduce the pressure. This also keeps things transparent and closes any expectation gaps. The workflow reminds clients about additional services we offer. It creates opportunities outside accounting and compliance.

Our communication process is primarily carried out using video content via Twiso. It breaks down meeting discussions into action points and summarises the conversation using AI. This application extends to both client and team meetings, with records organised in folders for easy access by our team and clients.

Easily digestible 

Having the videos together with the documented process, provides our onboarding process for new members with easily digestible content. The same applies to clients exiting and new – we simply share the footage and highlight areas they have requested information on. Easy-to-follow videos are personalised on their data.

Having the documentation in place allows for any team member or client to have access from wherever they are. Clients are on the go and the team has the option to work from various locations around the world, so they don’t need to wait for the UK time zone for an answer on how to do a certain task.

Offering support

Part of our client and team onboarding is to record not only the accounting areas, but also areas where we can jump in and support the client in any way. This may include things such as ticket support and administrative tasks.

It’s important to bring in tools to remove work that can be done automatically. This allows the team or client to spend time on areas that are more of a focus point to them.

Time and work commitments are flexible to allow for staff to take time off when it’s important to them. The cloud solutions we have in place allow the clients and team to work with freedom, either in the office or by the beach.

This article is an extract from our new editorial special report: “The practice innovation handbook”. Download it now to access expert advice and real-life examples to help you identify areas for improvement in your firm and make changes that will drive innovation and boost efficiency.

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