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Dave Owen, Ben Oliver and Jason Ross launch Workiro, SuiteWorld 2022
(L-R) Virtual Cabinet's Dave Owen, Ben Oliver and Jason Ross launch Workiro, SuiteWorld 2022

Workiro brings e-signatures into doc messaging app


The company behind Virtual Cabinet has created a new messaging product that brings electronic signatures to the document management mix.

12th Oct 2022
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“Workiro brings an extra layer to document management, so customers can communicate with you and OK documents without having to sign into a portal,” said Jason Ross, chief information officer of GetBusy, the developer behind the new cloud app.

Initially designed as an add-on for Virtual Cabinet, Workiro combines task, communication and document management capabilities, including e-signatures. It currently runs within the Oracle NetSuite product as a team communication/document sharing tool, but the plan is to link into other platforms, added chief technology officer Ben Oliver.

‍Workiro also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail, so that as a new invoice requiring approval lands in the email inbox, it can be forwarded via Workiro to the relevant manager who can see it on their smartphone and pick the “OK” option.

The system isn’t just for payables, it can also send out approval requests for any finance action, from pay rises and payroll runs to journal amendments, client onboarding – or “anything you can do with documents”, according to Ross. “If you have six to seven places you need to go with the document just to do your job, things might end up being inefficient just by not being integrated. With Workiro, version one of the document sits on the customer file in its original location and Workiro allows you to see what’s been done to it.”

Oliver added: “While email integration is a huge part of Virtual Cabinet for accountants, we didn’t want to store emails.”

Good response

Since its initial soft launch, the product has been getting a good response from accountancy practitioners as well as business users on the NetSuite side of the fence. While in Las Vegas to unveil the new product at the recent SuiteWorld event (see above), Workiro was awarded the development partner of the year award from its hosts.

For those with an interest in accounting app history, the path that led from Virtual Cabinet to Workiro is fascinating. As Oliver explained, the new cloud app originated from the team that joined Lindenhouse Software a reseller and developer of INVU document management systems. Things got a little complicated after Lindenhouse launched the Virtual Cabinet document management and portal in 2010.

2012 – Virtual Cabinet acquired by Australian software house Reckon, which took the product into US, Australian and New Zealand markets.

2016 – Reckon acquired US document management software developer SmartVault.

2017 –The global document management operations demerged from Reckon and listed on the London AIM exchange as GetBusy PLC, incorporating Virtual Cabinet and SmartVault, to maximise growth.

2021 – GetBusy started soft marketing Workiro as a pure cloud future alternative for Virtual Cabinet customers and potential app for other platforms.

2022 – First public outing at NetSuite SuiteWorld event in Las Vegas.

Workiro will be doing the rounds in the UK this autumn. Register for the AccountingWEB Live Expo below to come along and see it up close in Coventry on 30 Nov–1 Dec.

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