2009 Christmas Gadget Countdown - 11. Mobile phones

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Nigel Harris
Burton Sweet
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 A mobile phone is something of a necessity these days, but it's still nice to indulge in a little pocket-sized gadgetry. If you want video, music, satellite navigation, or just plain email and web browsing there's a mobile out there for you.

Top of the Christmas tree again this year has to be the Apple iPhone 3GS. However, there are some serious contenders in the touch-screen phone arena now. The new Palm Pre is attracting a huge following, and boasts a neat slide-out keyboard and multi-tasking unlike the iPhone. Google fans have a plethora of Android OS phones to choose from, the Teflon-coated (no finger marks!) HTC Hero being one of the most popular.

The big guns have brought out some real crowd-pleasers this year, Nokia with the E55 and E71, and BlackBerry's new Storm and Bold models. Honourable mention goes to the new breed of convergence devices such as the Samsung i8510 with it's impressive 8-megapixel camera – or should I say 8MP camera with built-in smartphone? Missing from this year's chart topping phones is a decent Windows Mobile smartphone, with Microsoft still very much in the second division when it comes to this type of device.


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10th Dec 2009 11:48

Windows Mobile

The HTC HD2 is reported as being a real contender to the iPhone, so Windows Mobile isn't completely out of the picture. I've had mine for a week or so & it compares favourably in my opinion.

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10th Dec 2009 12:02

Top of the Tree

I would say that my HTC HD2 was the top of the tree. It's huge screen, light weight, and windows compatability helps. The enormous amount of freeware helps.

Yet you don't even mention it.  YOu go so far as to say a decent windows smartphone is missing.


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By chatman
10th Dec 2009 13:25

Why is the iPhone better than the Nokia N95?


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