2009 Christmas Gadget Countdown: 5. Anything USB!

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Nigel Harris
Burton Sweet
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 Where do we start? Sadly, the USB mince pie turned out to be a hoax, but the tacky USB christmas tree didn't!

I'm looking out for the widely written-about USB hub with built-in alarm clock and electric letter opener. Sounds like the perfect high-tech gadget for the busy accountant.

For those with simpler needs, the good old USB cup warmer takes some beating.

The bottom line is, if you can imagine it you can probably get one that plugs into a spare USB port. Like the Scan Toaster which uses the USB connection to download information over the Internet, and then toasts an image of this data onto a slice of bread so you can read and inwardly digest that vital information. Perfect for the paperless office. Look out for the advanced version with auto sheet-feeder, sorry slice-feeder, to enable you to bake a whole tax return on a sliced loaf!


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