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Sometimes soundbites can revive memories in a way that more reasoned explanations cannot. Here's our selection of some of the comments that caught our ear during the past year.

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31st Dec 2012 12:44


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31st Dec 2012 12:47

oh yes
And lets wait till 31 jan before writing off the crackberry, roll on rehab

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02nd Jan 2013 11:21

Incorrect diagnosis

"“I personally find it socially abhorrent that high earners can, by the use of artificial devices, avoid paying tax, which then has to be paid by those who can ill afford it – somehow the tax has to be raised.” ICAS president Sir David Tweedie joins the anti-avoidance crusade."" 


The problem is the politicians who set the laws allowing rich people to gain when poorer people can't. Being rich isn't a crime.


Every time I see an HMRC letter I read it eagerly to see what nonsense they are prepared to put their name to. I've always thought it would be interesting to see who had the most ridiculous HMRC response, so I'll kick it off with "We do not have to have a reason do something."


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