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The Office of National Statistics now includes smart phones and apps in its typical basket of 650 goods used to calculate inflation, and following our recent round up of business apps, accountancy firms have jumped on the development bandwagon.

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March provided a reminder of how disruptive natural disasters can be, but Deloitte's crisis management app Bamboo is no cheap cash-in; it was launched more than a week beforehand for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android, with a Windows Mobile 7 version to follow.

Bamboo is a simple program designed to ensure staff members have access to key information in event of an emergency. The app stores contact and disaster planning information to guide employees on what to do in the event of an incident that deprives them of an internet connection.

Portsmouth-based accountancy firm taylorcocks, meanwhile, has developd a free iPhone app to help business check and plan finance on the move. It includes a number of easy to use calculators, a currency converter and a calendar of important tax and accounting dates (see image above). The latter comes with a back-up service that will send regular notifications to ensure the deadlines are not missed.

London based  SJD Accountancy caters for contractors and freelances and launched its contractor calculator iPhone application in 2009, voted one of the top 100 business applications. SJD now also offers a take home calculator and contractor rate checker on its website.

Accounting's app market leaders
A quick peek at the top 20 this month has number one spot with Zoho Business Suite (CRM and collaboration).  It also ranks the three UK/global top accounting apps as KashFlow , Arithmo  and Xero .

FreeAgent didn't make the top three, but this month released its adaptation of the iPhone app, DoubleAgent for UK users to track mileage expenses. More iPhone apps are on the way, said Free Agent.

With the business continuity theme still in our minds, Dropbox is well worth another mention. If you've ever sent yourself an email with information to work on later or in another place, the Dropbox is a must. The web-based file store will happily synchronise files between home and work computers and all shades of smart phone. Think of it as a generously sized - and invaluable - virtual briefcase.

So which apps appeal most to accountants? Let us know what kinds of apps you are looking for and who supplies them.  

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30th Mar 2011 12:56

Other apps

 Nice article and thanks for mentioning

Another web app that seems yo get traction in the UK is Brightpearl, an integrated suite that includes accounting. 


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30th Mar 2011 19:50

What, pray tell, is an 'App'?

and why do I want it?


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31st Mar 2011 11:30

Is it me?

I have just clilcked on the Bamboo link and gone into FAQs.

Is it just me that thinks that "How much is it?" would be a FAQ?

Apparently it isn't...

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By yvetten
31st Mar 2011 12:29

Windows 7 Mobile

Slightly off the subject, but as you mentioned Windows phones, thought I'd have a rant!

Since 2004 I have used XDA phones, loved them, each version had a keyboard and they were great, had FULL working versions of Excel (the important one) and Word.

My ISP no longer supported the link to the phone to do emails on the move, so I switched ISP's and bought a Windows 7 Mobile. The excel version is awful, so bad it almost made me swear!

Yes, I can still email on the move, synchronise with my office diary and emails, all virtual (wireless). But the excel version of Microsoft (it isn't an app), is pathetic.

The Windows Mobile I had on the 7 year old technology XDA was light years ahead. It was the full version. 2011 and the technology is going backwards.

Anyone know how to get a full version of Excel on a Windows 7 Mobile? 

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31st Mar 2011 13:52

Re: Windows Phone 7

I'm afraid the answer is you can't.  Windows Phone 7 is completely incompatible with previous versions of Windows Mobile.

Like you, I used Windows Mobile since the days of the XDA 2, and faced with the prospect of being forced to switch to a different system, I made the move to Android.  My phone came with ThinkFree Office, which does everything that Pocket Excel did on my XDA.  If it doesn't come with the phone, you can get it from the Android Market for £9.37.

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31st Mar 2011 14:19

PAYE Apps for Finance Professionals

For accurate PAYE calculations on the iPhone try ...

iPAYE (£0.59)

iPayslips (£1.19)

Both are 2011-12 tax year ready and allow calculations to be advanced by pay period with detail reporting for an unlimited number of scenarios.

For the iPad try iPayroll Toolkit (£2.99) which allows small multi-company payrolls to be run and managed in conjunction with the HMRC website as well as providing PAYE calculation tools and tax rate information.

All the above apps are multi tax year, are updated as required during the tax year for free, and for each new tax year for free.



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31st Mar 2011 15:58

Grumble, grumble

Given that Android-based phones outstrip iPhones, why are so many apps only written for the iPhone? It's the same mindset that makes clients buy bookkeepng software because they've heard of the name, rather than because it does what they need in a user-friendly way.

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31st Mar 2011 20:46

Evernote - remember everything.

Quite amazing really - originally recomended to me by a practicing accountant.

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31st Mar 2011 20:55

Taylor Cocks

What is the name of their app?

Tried clicking on the image on their site (following link above) but it leads nowehre.

Went to Apple app store and searched for taylor cocks and taylorcocks  - nothing ;-(

Seems like such a good innovation - but would be better if easily accessible.


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By nigel
05th Apr 2011 21:25

Remote Desktop apps starting to look good

The final session at last weeks Digita conference demonstrated the company's plans to offer its suite on a hosted basis, and during the presentation we were shown a hosted service being accessed from an Apple iPad using a free or low cost Remote Desktop app. Speaking to delegates afterwards I was surprised to discover how many iPad users were already using apps such as Teamviewer HD, iTap RDP or Remote Desktop RDP to dial in to their office Windows system, as many remote workers commonly do from a laptop or home PC. The controls take a bit of getting used to as the iPad lacks a mouse or pointing device, but the screen size does make operating traditional Windows applications from the iPad a viable option, at least on an occasional basis.

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By jpcc1
06th Apr 2011 11:57

Gooseberry !

What about the Blackberry.

Can anyone recommend decent apps for the Blackberry?

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By ksalter
06th Apr 2011 13:35

2020 iPhone App
"What if..." profit improvement advice from 2020 Group - Business Profitability Analyst...... for the iPhone but runs on an iPad (Has sold in over 16 countries around the world - so far!!)

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10th Mar 2012 07:45

As a small practice we have designed a free app which helped us to reach the market and gain more brand recognition

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