Accountants: No longer fashionably 'boring'

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Rachael Power
Community Correspondent
Sift Media
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Image is an important part of many people’s lives and professions and accountancy is no exceptioneven for Sift Media's finance director Steven Priscott, pictured on the right.

Whether its self-image, first impressions, fashion or how you dress for work, at least a small degree of being conscious of how we appear to others is present in day-to-day life.

On AccountingWEB, many members have debated and discussed the image of the typical ‘boring accountant’ including Mark Lee and regular blogger Philip Fisher.

Last year, Fisher blogged about the image of the ‘typical accountant’ and whether or not Monty Python’s interpretation of the grey-suited, older, glasses-wearing accountant was still relevant to modern accountants.

During a work experience workshop with PKF, students were surveyed as to what their image of...

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24th Jun 2013 10:18

Who cares?

Accountancy donkey work, which takes up at least 80% of my work, is boring. Consequently you have have a particular inclination to do this sort of work. The remaining 20% of the work involves interesting tax planning and visiting a diverse client base. The fun stuff.


Let's stop getting so hung up over of the "boring" label. The work does tend to be boring and speaking as a hip 25 year old with an okish practice I can say that pretty much every accountant I've met at networkings events are dull and I can feel the work gradually pushing me into the boring corner too.


That said I do know accountants who are, for example, pole dancers (for the fun and to keep fit, not for seedy men like myself). Their boring in their day job but don't exactly have pictures of themselves half naked on the wall in their office.


Basically, everyone just shut up about this topic. And that includes the accounting bodies who seem to have an article about this once every quarter. The topic itself is boring. And what you wear makes no difference either!

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