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Accountex 2018: TaxCalc unpacks GDPR toolkit

23rd May 2018
Technology editor AccountingWEB
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TaxCalc has kicked off their Accountex campaign by announcing a number of GDPR tools aimed at making compliance simple for its customers.

Launching in June 2018, TaxCalc’s new GDPR Centre will enable practices to perform all the processes required to stay compliant and avoid running into issues with the ICO, the body responsible for GDPR enforcement.

Firms will be able to use the compliance module to carry out annual reviews of internal processes, record the kinds of personal data they hold. Working with the GDPR consent management and contact administration features, firms can use GDPR Centre to:

  • Log the appointment, training and actions of the nominated Data Protection Officer
  • Carry out annual reviews of internal data processes
  • Record what kinds of personal data you hold (and why)
  • Track and file Data Subject Access Requests
  • Create scenarios to test how the firm will react to a variety of situations
  • Register data breaches - and help prevent them happening again
  • Record any international data organisations you work with

TaxCalc GDPR centre

GDPR in client hub

Client consent and contact administration also feature in the latest release of TaxCalc’s client hub, so firms can manage the lifecycle of clients and comply to GDPR guidelines - from consent management and providing clients with personal data reports to exiting previous clients from the archives.

New integrations with Xero and QuickBooks

In non-GDPR-related news, the Wokingham-based developers also announced that as part of its ongoing integration plan it is creating a series of APIs to connect with third-party software for the seamless transition of data, such as importing trial balances.

The Xero integration already exists, while the QuickBooks integration is due in the coming months, with further integrations in the pipeline.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of TaxCalc’s recent partnership with the TaxAssist partnership, which added a further 208 accountancy franchises to the 8,000 accountancy practices already on TaxCalc’s roster of customers.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
24th May 2018 14:08

Its real shame that they dedicate resources to this sort of practice fluff and not their core tax return software which is looking increasingly like an afterthought.

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Steve Edwards
By stevo5678
25th May 2018 07:37

I have no issues with their tax software. We use the accounts , tax and companies house modules and they are all great . The practice management is what needs work .

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By nodhedz
25th May 2018 08:52

The best thing Taxcalc could do (as well as improving the PM tool) is to have an e-approval function for the returns and accounts, instead of having to download pdf and go through a 3rd party tool.

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By g_seavor
26th May 2018 07:21

TaxCalc is a fantastic product. However they should improve the practice management side and there are so many improves they could make to task management. The next additional module they should focus on is a time and fees module rather than adding fluff round the edges of the product.

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Replying to g_seavor:
By jamied16
19th Sep 2018 13:08

Hi g_seavor I am looking into changing from Iris. Does TaxCalc offer a disclosure checklist style service for accounts? Also as it doesnt offer time and fees do you use another service provider for this? Thanks for any help!

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Replying to jamied16:
By g_seavor
19th Sep 2018 13:22

Hi jamied16

TaxCalc is a fantastic product and is very efficient. I switched to IRIS and then switched back due to the difference in efficiency. TaxCalc doesn't have a disclosure checklist however does have a simple step process for disclosures which would prevent any being missed.

It doesn't offer time and fees and I have used Xero (Workflowmax) and Digita however it is my understanding that TaxCalc are going to release a time and fees product in the first quarter of 2019.

Hope this helps

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Replying to g_seavor:
By jamied16
19th Sep 2018 14:23

Thank you for taking time to reply! That is very helpful. I think I may make the switch from Iris and hold off and see what the TaxCalc time and fees product is like before commiting to a time and fees rpoduct as we manage ok without at the minute but we are fast outgrowing our current systems.

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