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Ever since apps burst into the mainstream when the iPhone first appeared, they have multiplied exponentially. Now available on a multitude of smartphones and desktop PCs, finding useful apps can be like wallowing through an endless sea of mud.

That’s where the AccountingWEB Apps Directory comes in. Starting from suggestions put forward by members, we’ll regularly update this list of popular business apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices, as well as some of those tailored specifically for the accounting profession. We've also linked to the relevant app stores, as well as our own reviews. Please note, prices may fluctuate over time.

Here's what's on offer for different business tasks:

Accounting & FinanceBusiness IntelligenceTax & ReferenceExpenses trackingAdminDictation & note-takingSecurityCRMPaymentsMind mappingEco-friendly Travel


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08th Nov 2012 11:46


Scoring is confusing since some of the scores are over 5. Headings says score 1-5.

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08th Nov 2012 11:54

Thank you

Thanks so much for pointing that out. 

As I was the reviewer, I have recalculated the scores accordingly. 

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08th Nov 2012 11:57

Haines Watts Tax App

Can you include the Haines Watts Tax Rates app please in this directory.  Available for both iPhone and Android.  Links to the app stores below. 




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08th Nov 2012 12:04

Thanks for the suggestion samjdavies35. 

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09th Nov 2012 10:24

More apps

What about Toggl, Zoho CRM, Mailchimp.  All fantastic apps and all free


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By waltere
13th Nov 2012 16:20

Nebulous Notes

Can I put in a vote for Nebulous Notes - a text editor for creating notes and posting them to Dropbox?  Its main benefits are simplicity and robustness, combined with a great, customisable keyboard, so you don't have to keep using shift or the numeric keys for entering common keystrokes.

Works on iPad and iPhone.

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