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There's now a mobile version of which you can view on your smartphone. The new webapp includes simple access to the latest articles, blogs and Any Answers, and allows you to comment and post questions to the site.

This first version of the app is geared towards the most modern smartphones like iPhone and Android, but Blackberry and Symbian users have also successfully used it – although please bear in mind the experience will be relative to the quality of your mobile's browser.

"The webapp provides a new way of viewing AccountingWEB from your smartphone, or you can simply browse it in the same way you previously did – it's up to you," said Sift Media's head of technology Joe Vallender.

He also thanked several AccountingWEB members who helped...

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06th Jul 2010 14:43

Very nice
I am viewing the new mobile version and typing this comment on my phone. Very nice job guys.

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06th Jul 2010 14:45

I second that

I'd like to second Joe's thanks to the members who were part of the app trial - thanks for your involvement and feedback.

And thanks for the above feedback, Batty Girl - glad you like it!

Moving forward, if anyone notices anything unusual please report this back to us so we can look into it - be as specific as possible, state your phone and detail the problem.  Thanks in advance.

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06th Jul 2010 15:12

BlackBerry advice

It's not like they didn't warn us! Sitting in the office with my BB Pearl 8900, the BB browser failed to laod the new page.

I switched to Wi-Fi and tried Opera, bit it crashed when I tried to navigate away from the mobile page. Going back to the BB browser I finally got in, but then needed to go into Options from the browser menu to enable Javascript to work.

Hey presto! Everything is now working and the app looks like it is well worth the wait. I'll now be able to monitor and reply to comments much more easily while travelling around. Thanks, Joe!

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06th Jul 2010 18:33

Sony Ericsson,ok
Seems ok on this Xperia X8, but no way to change the font size as you can in the browser and Guardian apps.

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By chatman
07th Jul 2010 15:30

Very difficult to read on a two-year-old Symbian 60 phone.

You have to keep scrolling sideways. 

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08th Jul 2010 12:28

Windows Mobile

Using the app on an HTC HD2 running Windows mobile.

Works perfectly with HTC's sense software to resize the text to assist my aging eyes.

Good jod - well done to all concerned

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09th Jul 2010 00:51

Not bad but a lot missing
This works fine on an iPhone 3G. My only comments are that there is a lot missing from the full website, e,g ITzone, forums etc. Also the comments do not have a date a time.

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09th Jul 2010 10:16


Thanks for your feedback, Joe (our tech guy/developer) says it is interesting feedback and you raise a good point about the date/time.  However, he says that you can access IT Zone via 'Technology' on the navigation.  Also, not sure which bit of the site you mean by 'Forum' - can you clarify?  If you mean Any Answers, this is definitely available. 

Please keep us posted with any niggles or successes - thanks. 

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13th Jul 2010 14:13

@Becky Midgley

Hi Becky

I was referring to Discussion Groups I think!


Thanks for your reply

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